Self-Image and Body Image

How you feel about your body is directly related to how you feel about yourself. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling really good about yourself and your life, you see your body differently than when you are beating yourself up and down on your life? In fact when you are feeling good about yourself, you likely feel really good about your body. You likely use your food as a source of fuel so you have energy to do what you love and you may even exercise out of joy – because you simply love it. You take care of your body and with a much different intention than when your self-image is poor. When you are feeling bad about yourself, filling your mind with negative self-talk and not feeling fulfilled with your life, food and exercise look much different. Exercise often becomes non-existent or used as punishment. Food is often used to soothe, medicate and make you feel better or for some it can even sever the joy and pleasure of eating.

The image we have of ourselves is reflected in our bodies, but we often see it the other way around. We try hard to change the body thinking if we do that we would just be happier. The truth is, that never works. The root of the problem is not how your body looks it is how your inner world looks.  If we work to change our self- image it is only then that we can change our body image. When we struggle with body image issues we often force ourselves to workout, diet and do whatever we can to change our body. Oftentimes our efforts are futile and short-lived. That is because the extra weight on our bodies is not why we are really upset – it doesn’t help, but that is not the root of the problem. The weight is a by-product of something else that’s going on. Losing weight never fills a deeper void and the weight has likely only shown up because food has been used to fill that void. 

If we do the harder work of transforming ourselves - our inner world, the change is permanent. As Marc David so beautifully writes in Nourishing Wisdom, “physical appearance has little to do with body image. Who we are inside and how content we are determine the degree to which we accept our body.”

So if you have been struggling with body image and have dieted, restricted and punished to try to lose weight so you'll feel happier about yourself,  I encourage you to come in and do a Soulful Nourishment session with me. Let’s change the way in which you feel about yourself so you can bring lasting change to how you feel about your body.