Welcome to Spring!

Spring is the ideal time of year to cleanse, detox the liver and gallbladder and awaken the body, mind and spirit from a long winter hibernation. It is the season that sets the body up properly for the rest of the year. Missing out on this opportunity can often lead to weight gain, sluggishness, weakened immunity, frequent colds and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stagnation.

There are many cleanses you can buy at health food and supplement stores, but I believe you will have a much more effective cleanse if you eat the specific foods Mother Nature brilliantly provides for us at this time of year. A store-bought cleanse can be a good jump start, but you can’t expect something that lasts for 1 week or even 30 days to clear out all the toxins you have  accumulated over the past year. It makes much more sense to eat the foods that are designed to cleanse the body, for the entire Spring season.

Food is incredibly powerful and medicinal, so from now until Summer begins, try to incorporate the following principles to ensure your body does its necessary and essential spring cleaning job.

  • Drink lemon in your water every day to support liver detoxification

  • Add liquid chlorophyll (available at health food stores). It is an internal deodorizer and cleanser

  • Incorporate organic vegetable juicing (ginger, apple, lemon, celery, fennel, beet greens) to get live pre-digested nutrients into your system

  • Take a shot of wheatgrass a few times a week to stimulate detoxification

  • Eat 1-2 salads every day and include liver cleansing greens (dandelion greens, radicchio, arugula, endive --included in the boxes of Organic Spring Mix)

  • Enjoy the vegetables that are unique to spring such as Fiddleheads, radishes, organic sprouts, asparagus, sprouts and pea shoots as they all help to cleanse the body

  • Add parsley, cilantro and watercress to your diet to help flush excess water weight

  • Drink dandelion tea and fresh ginger tea to support your liver

  • Incorporate cleansing and purifying broths Potassium Broth, Beef bone broth or Chicken Broth to mineralize your body

Spring is all about renewal, rebirth and revitalization. Use the power of foods to help your body, mind and spirit awaken to new possibilities. If you would love to have support and guidance to get your spring diet off to the right start, email amy@amybondar.com.




Amy Bondar

As a certified holistic nutritionist, eating psychologist and Demartini Method(R) Facilitator, I'm passionate about helping people awaken to the power of foods to heal and bringing back the joy of eating.