I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like I have been in a phase of overconsumption; overconsumption in food quantity and stress. Overconsumption can come through many forms: sugar, alcohol, television, clutter, work hours, shopping, partying, idleness, etc. Overconsumption can often leave us feeling heavy, lethargic, fatigued, out of character and body, unwell and dim. So what can you do when you are ready to leave the phase of overconsumption? You can cleanse!

Early autumn is a great time for cleansing. It not only sets the tone for how you want to start the beginning of a new season, but it also gives you the opportunity to clear out and flush the excesses that are no longer serving you. It is a time to lighten yourself up and prepare for the season to come.

There are many cleanses on the market that you can purchase at a Health Food Store or Vitamin Store. For me, I was drawn to the Wild Rose Cleanse this season. I recommend going to the store, and seeing what cleanse calls you or that you seem drawn to. You can also cleanse by cleaning up your diet and removing the food(s) you have been overconsuming, or going on a juicing and broth cleanse. Some people are drawn to the Master Cleanse while others prefer colonics. Sweating in an Infrared sauna and doing energetic and healing work are also great choices to clear the system. There is no right or wrong cleanse, it will just come down to what you are feeling would best support you in this season, in this moment.

At this time of year, the lungs and large intestine are the organs that often become congested and need support. The symptoms of congestion are colds, coughing, excess phlegm, mucous and constipation. Following the Fall Nutritional Lifestyle that I share in this podcast will teach you which foods, herbs and supplements are best to incorporate at this time of year.


 Coming in for a Personalized Nutritional Consultation with me and getting a seasonal tune-up and guidance on cleansing, can help to ensure you support your body and stay healthy and balanced this season.

So if you are feeling like it is time to leave your overconsumption phase behind, find a cleansing method that resonates with you and embrace the process of clearing out and then reawakening your body, mind and soul.

“As I bathe this body I vow with all sentient beings to wash from my body and mind all dust and confusion and feel healthy and clean within and without.” – From Elson Haas’ Staying Healthy With the Seasons

Happy cleansing!



Amy Bondar

As a certified holistic nutritionist, eating psychologist and Demartini Method(R) Facilitator, I'm passionate about helping people awaken to the power of foods to heal and bringing back the joy of eating.