The Art and Beauty of Food

"If a woman could see the sparks of light going forth from her fingertips when she is cooking and the substance of light that goes into the food she handles, she would be amazed to see how much of herself she charges into the meals that she prepares for [herself], her family and friends.” – Maha Chohan


For some, food is a means to an end, a simple “eat-to-live” formula. For others, food and the act of eating and cooking is a sacred experience. 

Food is a gift, and the act of preparing it can be an art, a creation of beauty and an expression of love. I recall many years ago, a client of mine said such a beautiful statement -“Playing with spices is like painting on a canvas.” 

For many, and perhaps you reading this, may feel like the act of preparing and cooking meals seems like a chore, one more thing to have to do. It can be stressful, time-consuming and uninspiring. But if we are to have a healthy relationship with food so that we can live with vibrancy, how can we do that with no connection to it? Oftentimes, how we relate to food can be a reflection of how we relate to our life. If we are disconnected in the kitchen and with eating, are we disconnected in other areas of our life as well? This is one of the many questions we will explore in my upcoming Weekend of Nourishment.

As part of my Weekend of Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul we will be talking about how to find a sacred connection to food and how to reignite love in the kitchen and bring the joy and pleasure into eating and preparing food. 

I have invited my friend and colleague Lisa Krasnow – the Elegant Vegan, to cater and nourish us with delicious lunches and snacks throughout the weekend. To get a sense of what Lisa will be infusing into our meals, I asked her if she could share her thoughts around food. This is what she wrote: 

Food is sacred. Eating is an art. The process of nourishment is one of the deepest ways we can connect to the essence of our spiritual center.

 As a passionate, vegetable forward, connoisseur, I feel what makes food so beautiful and worthy of reverence is its simplicity.

 The delicacy of a lightly steamed string bean...the texture of tomatoes stewed with garlic, olive oil and basil... the richness of good sourdough bread with herb butter... fresh juicy cold and crisp cherries in July...a piece of dark chocolate with a cup of fresh mint tea, and the list goes on...It is a sensual, succulent and blissful journey to the heart of mother nature.

 The art of eating, tasting and the creative process of making a meal is artistic expression. The cellular sensual reality of being satiated is holy, it is wholeness it is elegant.

It is the sensual process of living and loving life.

 This is the elegant vegan. 


No doubt that The Elegant Vegan will be preparing our food with love, devotion, care, sincerity, with the freshest, and the most nutritious and local ingredients. We will learn from her by tasting and experiencing the sacredness and pure joy she brings to her food and also hear about her own challenges with body image and societies misrepresentation of what health looks like.


If you would like to deepen your relationship with food, get inspired in the kitchen and learn to bring the love, pleasure and joy into your cooking and eating experience then my Weekend of Nourishment will be a perfect fit for you.

There are many other themes we will be exploring throughout the weekend -

  • Mindful eating
  • Loving your body
  • Working through unwanted eating challenges
  • Exploring the hidden meanings of your food cravings
  • Diving deeper into weight loss
  • Breaking nutritional myths and "diet" rules
  • Embracing the Feminine
  • How to find peace with food and body
  • Guest Speaker: Adrienne Furrie, Makeup and Stylist Expert, will teach us how to Look beautiful in the body we have now
  • Guest Movement Instructors, Dori Montgomery and Danielle Moskal will guide us through a Barre and Breath & Stretch class to help us embody (Featured in last week's article)
  • And More!

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I do hope you will join me for this inspiring and transformational weekend.

Yours in health and vitality,



Amy Bondar

As a certified holistic nutritionist, eating psychologist and Demartini Method(R) Facilitator, I'm passionate about helping people awaken to the power of foods to heal and bringing back the joy of eating.