Setting Successful Weight Loss Goals

Recently while at a lecture with Dr. Demartini, he spoke about the importance of setting goals that are congruent with your highest values. While he was speaking I got inspired to write this article because I felt this teaching could be applied to setting successful weight loss goals.

As Dr. Demartini explains, your highest values are what you spend most of your time, thought, money and energy on. They are what you think about most, talk about most and what you are most inspired about. How you live your life demonstrates what you value most.

The 7 areas of life are where we find what we value:

·         Family/Relationships

·         Social

·         Health

·         Mental

·         Religious/Spiritual

·         Vocation

·         Financial.

If you truly want to lose weight, you need to find your WHY. You need to know what you truly value (not what you think you should value, but what your life truly demonstrates), and link your weight loss goals to those things.

For example, if family is your highest value, then how and why will losing weight benefit that value? If financial success is your highest value, then how will losing weight help you increase your financial power? If spirituality is your highest value, how will losing weight support your growth and transformation? If you value your work, how will losing weight help you be more productive, effective and successful?

Many people on the pursuit for weight loss say they want to lose weight, but don’t necessarily have a strong enough WHY. They often say,

“I want to lose weight to look better,” or “to feel better,” or “to be happy.”

But why and for what? Answering these two questions is where you find your inspiring reason for weight loss. If your WHY is not inspiring and meaningful enough to you, you will find your weight loss goals are short-lived.

  • Do you set yourself up for failure because your goals aren’t truly in alignment with your highest values?
  • Is your idea of weight loss based on a fantasy of what you think you should look like?
  • Are your weight loss goals based on an image of the past of what you used to look like?
  • Are your weight loss goals based on what others, society and media think is ideal to look like?
  • Are you creating your weight loss goals based on what a scale or a chart says?

The key for weight loss success is to not do it from a place of desperation, but rather do it from a place of inspiration.

Often weight gain happens because you are not living according to your highest values. Dr. Demartini says, “Immediate gratifications and addictive behaviors [ie sugar, caffeine, junk food] are compensations for unfulfilled highest values.” You are living from a place of needing to do, having to do and should do, vs. choosing to do, liking to do and loving to do. When you aren’t doing inspiring and fulfilling things every day, you often eat for the pleasure, joy and the fun you are not receiving from your day. As Demartini further explains, “if you don’t fill your day up with high priority actions, you will fill your day with low priority distractions.” And guess what, that contributes to fatigue, illness, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive eating and ultimately weight gain.

Until you change your day and get inspired about your life, your weight will be challenging to lose. And guess what, losing weight doesn’t help you change your life. It is often the bonus to the changes you made in your life that fulfill and inspire you. Don’t set up a weight loss goal because you think it’s going to bring you more happiness. You have to find your happy first, which will then be the inspiring reason, the why, you want to lose weight, feel better and look better. The weight itself is secondary my friends!!

So when thinking about your weight loss in order to have success it is essential to set congruent goals that are true to you. Don’t say you are going to get a gym membership if you hate the gym! Don’t say you are going to lose weight so you can fit into your old wedding dress, because you can’t live in the past! Don’t say you are going to lose weight and go on a diet if you hate restricting food. Don’t lose weight if you think it’s going to make you happy, be happy first!

This is a shift in the way we think about weight loss, but hey, how many times have you tried to lose weight and then didn’t succeed? You didn’t fail because you can’t do it, because you are not strong enough or you don’t have the willpower. It’s just because you never had a big enough WHY, you never set inspiring and congruent goals and you didn’t make the changes in your life that were making you unhappy and unfulfilled in the first place!

This is where the weight loss work begins my friends and I am so inspired and called to help you work on this. Book a consult with me so we can get clear on your highest values, your WHY and create meaningful and inspiring weight loss goals that you will achieve.

Yours in health and vitality


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Amy Bondar

As a certified holistic nutritionist, eating psychologist and Demartini Method(R) Facilitator, I'm passionate about helping people awaken to the power of foods to heal and bringing back the joy of eating.