New Year’s Resolvalution

Instead of a New Year’s resolution consider a New Year’s “Resolvalution.” Instead of trying to commit to doing something, why not explore and find a solution to why you haven’t been doing it in the first place.

For example, if your resolution is to cut out coffee, have you even asked yourself why you are drinking coffee in the first place. Do you drink it because you love it? Do you drink it because you are so exhausted in the morning you need it to wake up and get going? Do you drink it because you need an escape and break from work that is mundane or meaningless? If you love it, why would you decide to take it out? If you drink it for energy, then what in your life is draining you and fatiguing you? What would you need to resolve and change in order to find the energy that already resides within? If you drink it because you need a pick-me-up from uninspiring work, then how can you make your job more meaningful and fulfilling?

If your resolution is to start exercising, have you even asked yourself why you haven’t been doing it in the first place. Is it because you hate to exercise? Is it because you don’t have the time? Is it because your exercise goals are too lofty? If you hate the gym, then don’t resolve to buy a gym membership and workout 5 times a week. Find a form of movement you love to do and do it because you love it, do it for the pleasure and joy it brings you and for putting a smile on your face. Don’t do it for weight loss, do it because you sincerely enjoy it. If you don’t have the time, have you reevaluated how you are planning your day and when you can realistically create time for a workout? If you don’t change your day and schedule it in, your resolution will fall short. If you stopped exercising because you can’t reach your intended goals, then have you asked yourself what is a reasonable and doable goal?

These are the questions that are necessary to explore in order to make lasting changes. Most people when making New Year’s resolutions fail to succeed because they are not making the significant lifestyle changes that are necessary. It is essential to look at the underlying reasons to why we do or don’t do the things we are seeking to change and then do the hard work to change them.

It’s time to do this Resolution thing differently. It’s time to go through the back door. It’s time to make the long lasting changes that only come from deep exploration, and an honest change to a lifestyle that isn’t serving you.  It’s not the easy door to open, but it is the one that will offer great insights, aha moments, growth, healing, and lasting resolve that will make a New Year’s resolution last for years to come.

So my friends, what are you ready to resolve this year? If you would like to explore and find the answers to these questions and more, then I welcome you to a new journey that will forever change your relationship with food, your body and yourself. Don’t wait for your New Years’ Resolution to be a fleeting thought, book a consult today to make 2015 about lasting, valuable and meaningful change.