Grounding Nourishment in the Fall Season


Fall can bring a great deal of moving energy. All the wind, the blowing leaves, the gusting snow, and the rush and business of our daily lives, can leave us feeling ungrounded.

If we fail to ground ourselves at this time of year we can experience emotional eating, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, lots of mental chatter, and conditions of dryness such as constipation and eczema.

Food is a wonderful and powerful way to ground the body. Soups, one-pot meals, nut butters, nuts, warm apple and pear sauces, roasted root vegetables and oilier and warmer foods in general all help to earth us. Even eating more darker, denser protein such as bison, grass-fed beef, lamb and wild salmon can help us to feel more rooted. Sugar, coffee and refined foods will do the opposite!

Exercise such as Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, barre work, weight lifting and walking, help to ground us. Slower, more focused exercises can help to counter all the rushed movement in our lives.

Grounding our thoughts is also an important practice to cultivate at this time of year. Journaling, communication, resolving stress and minimizing tweets, Facebook and other social media, are all key ways to help quiet the mind and earth all the moving thoughts. If we are always in our heads, we create stress in our physiology. Finding ways to focus and be present are essential to mental wellness.

Body work such as massage, spa treatments and reflexology are also such nourishing ways to keep us grounded. Human touch is incredibly healing and so good for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In order to be well during this season, we must find our balance. Don’t let the windy moving energy blow you off course. Do what you can to ground yourself. Nourish your body will delicious Fall foods, practice slowing down with more focused exercise, root your thoughts and emotions and give your soul a little love too with some body work or just some more hugs!


Amy Bondar

As a certified holistic nutritionist, eating psychologist and Demartini Method(R) Facilitator, I'm passionate about helping people awaken to the power of foods to heal and bringing back the joy of eating.