Break (the) Fast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It not only sets the stage for the rest of the day, but it is also like making a first impression with yourself.  How you do breakfast might even be a reflection of how you do the rest of your day. If you take time to nourish yourself, eat slow and enjoy your breakfast, you likely carry presence, focus and gratitude into your day. If you rush through breakfast maybe you speed through your day. If you skip breakfast you may be forgetting other important things and putting other people’s needs before your own. If you eat breakfast in the car, or at your desk or standing up while doing other things, perhaps your day is scattered, lacking energy and attention. If you don’t care about breakfast or can’t be bothered to eat, maybe you are complacent about other things in your life.

Eating breakfast is breaking the long fast that your body has been taking throughout the night. Ideally you stop eating from about 8pm-6am (depending on your schedule), so it is essential that you eat breakfast and gift your body with new energy, new nutrients and thanking it for a job well-done for detoxing, healing, recovering, regenerating, manufacturing, and all the other internal-house keeping it has done for you throughout the night.  If you haven’t eaten for approximately 10-12 hours, what would be the first you would want to put in your body? Do you want to thank it and reboot it with refined, processed, packaged or fast foods or does it deserve fresh, vibrant, vital and whole foods? Do you want to shock your body with a huge coffee and sugar or do you want to gently awaken it with green tea and fruit? Every day we get to wake up and write a new page in our life's book, and every day we get to wake u p and decide how we want to nourish ourselves.

We often don’t take the time to consider all our body does for us, especially the things we don’t actively control. But when you really think about all that you body does throughout the night, it is pretty amazing. Have you ever gone to bed with a cut, headache, stomach ache, cold, fever or injury and woken up the next morning to see how it has healed? It is those little things that we need to be grateful for and the best thing we can do is say thank you by offering our bodies a beautiful, nourishing, meaningful and energetic breakfast.

So, my friends, how do you want to start your day? What do you want your breakfast to say? How do you want to reintroduce food into your body every morning? Over the summer, I encourage you to re-establish your breakfast. Take time for it and care about what you are putting in your body. Know that what you eat for breakfast and how you eat it, really matters.

Here are some breakfast ideas you can enjoy:

  • Egg and veggie omelet (tomato, spinach, mushrooms) with fresh seasonal fruit
  • Organic full-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with hemp seeds and fresh berries
  • Breakfast sausages (Spolumbo’s or organic chicken sausages) with sliced tomatoes
  • Long-Cooking gluten-free oatmeal with cinnamon, hemp seeds sliced banana and berries
  • Amy’s homemade granola (see Summer Recipes tip in my book) with fresh fruit and yogurt
  • Smoked wild salmon (lox) on sprouted toast or sourdough spelt toast, lined with spinach, tomato and pea shoots
  • Fried eggs on toast sourdough spelt toast, lined with pea shoots and sprouts and seasonal fruit
  • Protein shake (protein powder, water, coconut milk, ground flaxseed, banana and frozen berries)
  • Sprouted toast or sourdough spelt toast topped with 100% nut butter, sliced banana and raspberries
  • Chia Goodness or Holy Crap (available at Superstore, London Drugs or Health Food stores) topped with seasonal fruit
  • Tofu Greek scramble (non GMO tofu) or scrambled eggs, scrambled with olives, peppers, tomato and feta cheese