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Nutrition is both a science and a consciousness. Scientifically, it is about understanding how foods act and react to create health in the human body. Consciously, it is about awakening to the essence that fuels our body, mind and soul to fulfill our purpose in life. This marriage of scientific research and conscious nourishment is the foundation of wellness in the emerging nutritional paradigm.

There is no greater nutritional truth than knowing with certainty that what we eat significantly affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Watching clients tap into that truth and experience first-hand the direct relationship between healing foods and optimum health is the greatest gift I receive from my work. It is why I continue to love what I do and do what I love, which is inspiring, educating and motivating people to realize the significant impact nourishing the body, mind and soul has on achieving optimum wellness.

I wholeheartedly believe that there are no mistakes in those I come to work with. The universe has brought us together for a purpose. I trust that each client that comes to work with me is seeking insight, wisdom and guidance that I can provide for them on their wellness journey. I know that each client also comes to me with a message, an opportunity to learn and grow into a greater healer and nutritionist.

I encourage and invite you to work with me as you journey toward optimum wellness through sound nutrition.