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7 Steps to Sound Nutrition™ 

The most all-encompassing approach to nutrition. Learn about Amy's signature program that is designed to transform your relationship with food, body and self.

In 2006, I had a vision to create a program that would truly transform people’s relationship with food. My mission was to help people move away from diet mentality and mass nutritional confusion and awaken them to  true nutritional consciousness. I wanted to synthesize the greatest nutritional teachings I had come to know and live by and put them in a  step by step program that would take those, who were truly ready and  open, on a journey that would nourish their body, mind and soul.
Over the years I have had many people journey through this program and  successfully make long lasting changes with their relationship with food,  body and self. What I have come to realize in nearly two decades of  practice is that 7  Steps to Sound Nutrition™ is still the most all-encompassing  approach to nutrition and despite all of the nutritional noise out there, I continually come back to this program because it captures  the greatest nutritional teachings and wisdom that will forever transform how you do food.
Here is what one of my clients had to say:

"I've been active in the health and fitness industry for nearly 7 years now. I  knew I had a good grasp on a fitness routine but I was struggling when it  came to nutrition. I tried the universal 'one for all' athlete meal plans,  the Canadian food guide and also took various ideas/opinions from other fellow gym-goers but nothing ever seemed to help. I would  find myself lacking energy, having food cravings, gaining or plateauing in weight, or never feeling completely satiated. I would be fearful to eat out at restaurants because I knew the rest of the evening  I would either be not completely satisfied (due to self restriction & negative thought) or end up very ill for the rest of the night. I met Amy Bondar and FINALLY my body started to appreciate what I was fueling it with, my energy levels went up, my exercise performance has sky rocketed  AND I finally have a healthy relationship with food. Amy leaves no  details out of her consultations/sessions. Amy got to the root of my  problem after one session and after just two weeks (and following her  tweaks into my meal prep) I started to see and feel incredible results.  Since Amy and I started this journey together, I am over the moon happy with the results thus far. If you are wanting a change and wanting to  grasp a healthy lifestyle then take the leap and call Amy! I am finally  able to say that I have a healthy relationship with food, and that  would've have been made possible without Amy Bondar." - Brittne P.
 It is time to  put 7 Steps to Sound Nutrition™ into the light and I invite you to journey with me. 
This signature program is a synthesis of scientific, holistic, eastern  and western nutritional philosophies and practices and beautifully blends  dynamic eating psychology with cutting-edge nutritional knowledge. 7 Steps to Sound Nutrition™ will  once and for all take the guess-work and confusion out of eating and  inspire you to find your love and joy in every bite of food. It will  give you certainty in knowing the perfect foods and personal fuel mix  your unique body needs to improve and optimize your health. It will  empower you to use food as the greatest source of energy, vitality and joy so that you can actualize all that you desire for yourself. With each  step, you unlock another secret code in the mystery of how food reacts to  and impacts the health of your unique body type. You awaken to the power  of food and you come to revel in the knowledge that every time you eat you choose how to influence your health—physically, mentally, emotionally  and spiritually.
7 Steps to  Sound Nutrition™ Program Details:
Step 1:
Defining your Purpose
In this 90 minute thorough and comprehensive nutritional intake Amy will get a sense of your health goals, your current health, health history, lifestyle, your relationship with food and body, a thorough understanding of your diet and set the intentions for the journey ahead. 
Step 2:
Determining Biochemical Needs and Laying your Foundations for Wellness
Using the Advanced Nutri-Body Analysis, a thorough assessment of your biochemical health is determined (53 sections to determine nutrient levels, hormone health, organ system health, digestive function and more). Your first customized nutritional lifestyle is introduced. Receive  a step by step program with meal suggestions, supplement recommendations  and recipes that will lay your foundations for wellness, help you relieve symptoms, improve conditions and increase your energy and vitality.
Step 3:
Fuelling your  Metabolic Body Type
Metabolic Typing will give you certainty that the foods you are choosing are right for your unique biochemistry and forever take the guess-work  out of how and what you should be eating. Learn how to eat right for your  Metabolic Type and prevent or reverse conditions such as obesity, Type II Diabetes, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides and hypertension as well as balance your moods and ensure satisfaction and satiation every time you eat. 

Step 4:
Feeding your Constitutional Type
We all want to know what is best for each of us and Ayurveda – the  Science of Life will teach you what is best for you. Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems and this step will teach you all about your       Dosha. Learn about the specific foods and daily lifestyle practices (nutrition, exercise, yoga, color therapy, aromatherapy) that will help you achieve and maintain balance within your body, mind and soul.
Step 5:
Dynamic Mind-Body Eating
This step is all about creating your ideal relationship with food and body. In this step you will resolve the stresses and conflicts that may be contributing to unwanted eating behaviors, weight challenges or       symptoms. Gain a deeper understanding to what your food cravings mean. You may dive deep into your purpose and mission and learn to create your ideal day. This step is unique to you and Amy will draw on Dynamic Mind-Body Coaching techniques and/or use the Demartini Method® to help  you reach your goals.
Step 6:
Seasonal Eating
Learn how to eat for a lifetime when you learn how to align with the wisdom and flow of nature. This step will teach you how to listen to your body, honor your intuition and be in alignment with the perfection of what Mother Nature offers us at each season. There is a purpose to what we are meant to eat and how we are meant to live in each season and once you know this truth you and learn how to transition your diet seasonally, you will always know how to eat year after year. This is when you have truly adopted sound nutrition as a lifestyle.  
Step 7:
Awaken to the  Power of Essential Oils
Essential oils are incredibly powerful adjunct to your nutritional lifestyle and can offer simple and profound natural and safe solutions for every day health concerns. Throughout your 7 Step journey, Amy will identify through a specialized iTOVi scan what essential oils and  supplements your body needs to help bring it to a more optimum state. You will also receive 1 essential oil session per month (Aromatouch or Symphony of the Cells) to  support your wellness journey, help you reduce your stress and nourish your body, mind and soul all year long. This is a new edition to  the program!
Evaluating  your Success and Next Steps
After completing each step, we revisit the Advanced Nutri-Body Analysis,  track your progress and see how much has improved and changed throughout  your journey. It is here where you will have moved from a primitive to a  conscious eater and put all you have learned into action. New intentions and goals will be created to further you on your journey.

  • Each session is approximately 90 minutes
  • It is ideal to do 1 nutrition session per month as well as 1 essential oil treatment but you may take 1 year to complete the program (note step 1 and 2 are done within 2 weeks of one another)
  • You will use Amy’s book – Journey to Optimum Wellness through Sound Nutrition as a resource and available on Kindle or Amazon
  • The program fee is $2400 plus GST (payment installments are accepted).
  • For $200/month you receive 2 sessions (1 nutrition and 1 essential oil treatment) with me to help you stay accountable, focused, supported and committed all your long. That is a steal of a deal!

To begin your journey and have a complimentary 15 minute phone call with  Amy to answer any questions and determine if the program is right for you, please email amy@amybondar.com 

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Yours in health & vitality,


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