Amy Bondar brings over 16 years of experience in the field of nutrition and mind-body coaching to her private practice in Calgary, Alberta. She is inspired to awaken her clients to the power of foods to improve their health, weight and eating habits while bringing the love and joy back into eating.

Amy's titles include:

  • Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist registered with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners

  • Bachelor of Social Work, 1999

  • Certified in Applied Holistic Nutrition, Edison Institute of Nutrition, 2002

  • Master of Applied Science in Nutrition issued by the Edison Institute of Nutrition, 2003

  • Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator, 2009

  • Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach and trained in Dynamic Eating Psychology by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, 2013

  • Advanced Training in Bioindividual Nutrition and Therapeutic Diets with Julie Matthews, 2019


Amy brings one of the most holistic approaches to nutritional counselling with training in:

  • Mind Body Eating Coaching

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Teaching

  • Seasonal Eating

  • Metabolic Typing

  • Functional Nutrition

  • Bioindividual Training and Customized Therapeutic Diets

Amy combines all of these modalities in her signature program, 7 Steps to Sound Nutrition.


“I've been following your advice and have been feeling great. I just keep focusing on how my food and lifestyle are making me feel, instead of the number on the scale, such a better way to live!” – Erin


"I've been active in the health and fitness industry for nearly 7 years now. I knew I had a good grasp on a fitness routine but I was struggling when it came to nutrition. I tried the universal 'one for all' athlete meal plans,  the Canadian food guide and also took various ideas/opinions from other fellow gym-goers but nothing ever seemed to help. I would  find myself lacking energy, having food cravings, gaining or plateauing in weight, or never feeling completely satiated. I would be fearful to eat out at restaurants because I knew the rest of the evening I would either be not completely satisfied (due to self restriction & negative thought) or end up very ill for the rest of the night. I met Amy Bondar and FINALLY my body started to appreciate what I was fueling it with, my energy levels went up, my exercise performance has sky rocketed AND I finally have a healthy relationship with food. Amy leaves no details out on her consultations/sessions. Amy got to the root of my problem after one session and after just two weeks (and following her tweaks into my meal prep) I started to see and feel incredible results. It has been now over 3 months since Amy and I started this journey together, and I am over the moon happy with the results thus far. If you are wanting a change and wanting to grasp a healthy lifestyle then take the leap and call Amy! I am finally able to say that I have a healthy relationship with food, and that would've have been made possible without Amy Bondar". - Brittne


"Amy was very thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. It was a pleasure discussing what to eat and drink so I can improve my health and increase my vitality. I look forward to implementing everything she has recommended. I highly recommend a consultation with her,  whether you are feeling healthy or unhealthy. She is great at what she does." - Dan


"Thank you so much for your council. It really changed my life and I have had zero arthiritic symptoms since that very first session. My life has changed since I saw you. I don't think I can properly find the words to say how grateful I truly am." – Kristine


"Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you the news: I’m pregnant! I’m just exiting my first trimester and everything is going really well. I truly believe that the Demartini Method® session I did with you was the breakthrough of my life this year and I’m SOOOOO happy I did it. Getting rid of that baggage allowed me to move on with my life and finally start living (and eating! You should see what my menu’s like now!) the way I should be. I am forever grateful to you! I’m down 22 lbs from when you saw me last." – Jill


"Plain and simple things have been AMAZING since I have come to see you. Everything seems to be working perfectly. My pain has gone away, no more bleeding, the doctor is surprised and everything seems a lot happier right now for me. I have not felt this hopeful and energized for many years. The fact that you are willing to spend time with your customers (patients, really) and to actually hear what they are saying is worth so much. Your advice is so helpful." – Pat


"You helped me change my life….more than anyone that I have ever spoken to... I wanted to say thanks for all your help preparing my food and hydration for my race across the Sahara. While many did not complete the journey, I was able to complete and finish quite well in standings. Even in the punishing heat and conditions my body held up and not once did my health feel compromised. I followed your guide by honoring my food and liquids. I even wrote “THANKS” on my water bottles and meal wrappers to let my nutrients know how grateful I was. When my body told me to slow down – I did. When it told me to speed up – I did. It all boiled down to being in the moment and listening to what my body was telling me. I truly believe the people that suffered and had to drop out just simply didn’t listen. I consider you a part of my support team and am grateful you are on my side." – Brett


“I want to let you know how grateful I am for your guidance. It was such a relief to gain awareness on a different aspect of food. It has helped me considerably and I am enjoying food SO much more! I haven't lost any weight but I feel more comfortable with where I'm at, which is a great start! I've been making different choices with food, but also not berating myself when I eat something that isn't necessarily that 'healthy' for me. I'm also linking my moods to what I eat, how I eat, and how I feel. Such great insight! Thank you for giving me such a big part of my life back! I can't express my gratitude enough!” - Arienne