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Fall Program: Getting Back on Path

As we transition from Summer to Fall it is essential to get our nutrition and healthy lifestyle back on path. This is the time of year we begin the building phase of our seasonal eating lifestyle and such an important time to build our immune system. If you are looking for support, guidance and motivation to get back on path, clean up your diet, learn what to eat to stay healthy this season and set your nutritional foundations up for success, this program is for you.

You will feel better, sleep better, increase your energy, trim your waistline, reduce inflammation, and feel a renewed strength and stamina as you transition into Fall.

30 days to help you transition from your summer to fall diet

*Each day receive a daily tip in your Inbox to elevate your nutrition

*Learn to align with the most balancing foods for the season

*Incorporate immune boosting foods, new recipes and meal ideas to prevent cold/flu and increase energy

*Kick sugar and alcohol

*Get back into a rhythm and routine with cooking and eating

*Daily accountability and coaching to keep you on path

*Weekly group zoom check-ins

Date: September 13th-October 13th

Cost: $300 paid via e-transfer to amy@amybondar.com

Registration closes September 9th.

What other 30 Day program participants have to say:

The 30 day Spring program was exactly what I was looking for -something more than just talking about nutrition but about my relationship to food and with myself. I will definitely do the Fall 30 day program and cannot wait for it. – Carmen V
I have done the Metabolic Shake Up and the Eliminate and Illuminate 30 day programs with Amy.  I have seen excellent improvements in my health and energy through Amy’s programs and personal attention to my specific issues. I highly recommend working with Amy if you want sustainable results and someone that can help you sort through all the crazy information and “fad programs” and diets out there. - Tanya P.
I really enjoyed being part of the Spring program. I tried new foods and my biggest success was the reduction of swelling in my body, increased energy and less craving for sugar and chocolate. You are making a positive change on my way of eating and thinking and also teaching me how to better support my entire body and health. - Daniella C

When you align yourself with the wisdom of mother nature and transition your diet and lifestyle with the seasons you will maintain amazing health. Kick off your Fall the right way and register today!

Questions: contact Amy (587)436-2692 or email amy@amybodar.com

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