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Amy has been invited to speak at wellness retreats, corporate events, lunch and learn sessions for a range of clients from law firms to women’s meet up groups. She can tailor a topic to whatever is most relevant to your audiences. Some popular lectures are:

  • Nutrition and Brain Health: Using the Power of Food to Achieve Optimum Brain and Mental Health.
  • Nutrition and Breast Health: For the Love of your Breasts, Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul.
  • Nutrition and Inflammation: The Power of Foods: How to Create an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
  • Seasonal Eating: Transitioning your Diet and Lifestyle
  • The Power of Essential Oils: Natural Solutions for Everyday Health Concerns.
  • Optimum Nutrition for Elite Athletes.
  • The Power of Food and Stress: How to incorporate the best foods and nutrition strategies to help you be more resilient and adaptive to day to day stresses


“Amy was an excellent speaker – she knew her subject matter in depth, was dynamic and passionate and had a very good hand out as well.” – Irene S.

“I found Amy's presentation excellent!

“Amy has a wealth of knowledge and is a real pleasure to learn from.” – Patricia A.

“Very educational and knowledgeable. I really enjoy Amy's talks. I recommend her information sessions to people.” – Donna K

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