Amy Bondar is a healer, teacher and coach in Nutritional Psychology

About - The client Experience

Amy's seven step process to wellness

Amy’s comprehensive and flexible client process allows for each client plan to be tailored to their unique needs. Learn more about the seven steps in the process below, designed to awaken, transform and empower your vitality while we work together.

Step One

Complimentary consult

A fifteen minute virtual or phone consult to assess if we are a good fit to work together.

Step Three

Personal Plan developed

Based on your intake and Advanced Nutri-Body Analysis findings, Amy customizes your personal plan to awaken health and vitality.

Step four

Personal Plan review

Receive a ninety minute thorough education and delivery of your recommended custom plan

  • Nutrition foundation package - including meal suggestions, recipes and personalized supplement recommendations
  • Lifestyle balancing and optimization tips
  • Planning your Accountability and Follow Ups that will ensure your success

Step six

Ongoing coaching

Accountability and Coaching sessions are available and recommended every 1-6 months to support you throughout your journey to keep you motivated, inspired and focused.

Seasonal follow-ups will ensure you are transitioning your diet and lifestyle according to each season to help you achieve and maintain optimum wellness throughout the year. This will teach you how to eat for a lifetime!

Step seven


Tracking and evaluating your successes with another Advanced Nutri-Body™ Analysis.

This step determines if your goals have been achieved, how your nutritional status is and where to go next on your journey to awakening your health and vitality.

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