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30 Day Metabolic Shake-up

Do you need to give your metabolism a shake up? This 30 Day Program will boost your energy, fat and glucose metabolism!

Join the 30-Day Metabolic Shake-Up! program. Receive daily tips, recipes, meal ideas and inspiration delivered to your Inbox, and use the recommended essential oils to achieve the greatest results.

  • Group session begins January 2025
  • Registration opens December, 2024. Register by January 5, 2025
  • Price CA$397.00 plus the cost of supplements

You enjoyed the holidays, indulged, and now it’s time to get back on track. Whether you want to lose weight, detox from the holidays, optimize your diet or give your sluggish metabolism a boost, this easy to follow program was created for you!

This 30 day program is designed to:

Shake up your metabolism / Eliminate sugar cravings / Clean up and optimize your diet / Prevent overeating / Promote satiation /Support natural and healthy weight loss /Help manage cortisol (key to burning body fat) / Increase energy / Enhance Glucose Metabolism.

How the Program Works:

  • Receive a nutritional tip, recipe, meal suggestion or lifestyle focus from Amy, delivered to your inbox daily
  • Use the YouAte App to send photos of your meals to Amy and receive personal comments, coaching and accountability daily to keep you on path
  • Weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom (recordings made available) - every Monday at 7:30pm (Jan 15, 22, 29, Feb 5, Feb 12)
  • Daily accountability, education and guidance from Amy
  • Take the doTerra MetaPWR System to enhance fat metabolism, energy metabolism, glucose management and curb cravings. This is a game changer! Read all about the benefits and purpose for using this system here
  • Begins January 15th 2024. Ends February 13, 2024
  • You must register and place your order by January 5th to ensure your products get delivered to your door in time to start the program


“As a middle age menopausal woman I was looking for some guidance on how to boost my metabolism. This 30 day Metabolic Shake Up was the perfect program to get me going. I love that Amy gave us one thing to work on each day and approached things very positively.”  - Julie C
“I was very motivated and inspired by the 30 day plan.” – Patricia S
“This was a great program with a great coach!  I never felt hungry or alone during the program.  Will definitely repeat it at some time in the future.” - Eleanor C
"I love the YouAte App! I loved that I didn't have to track calories and macros or keep a food journal. I could easily take a picture of my food, share it with Amy, receive feedback and see what she's eating too! It definitely helped to keep me on track with my daily nutrition choices and it kept me mindful. The daily coaching from Amy was great! - Sara G.
To order your doTerra MetaPWR system, call Amy. Note, the MetaPWR supplements can be tailored to your budget if need be. Read more about the benefits here
Questions? Call Amy - (587)436-2692 or email amy@amybondar.com

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