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The Power of Food Signature Lecture

Inspired Learning for a Lifetime of Health and Vitality

Amy Bondar is a dynamic speaker; her high energy, educational and inspirational lectures offer cutting-edge nutrition information, as well as practical tools to help audiences use the power of foods to transform their health, weight and eating habits. Amy can speak on a variety of nutritional topics that would suit your company’s needs or you can book her for her signature lecture, The Power of food.

The Power of Food

The Power of Food: How to Maximize Energy, Optimize Health and Enhance Work Performance.” In this 90-minute lecture, Amy Bondar will inspire, educate and guide her audience to realize the significant impact sound nutrition has on achieving optimum wellness. Filled with cutting-edge information, practical tips and a valuable handout, this lecture sifts through the nutritional myths, the fads and controversies and presents you with the knowledge on how use food to enhance your overall state of health and wellbeing.

Amy will awaken your staff to the power of food so that they raise their level of health, energy, vitality, and stamina, enhance their work performance, productivity and reduce the amount of sick days taken.

This lecture is a great Lunch and Learn Session, or part of a Wellness Week.

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