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I asked one of my clients if she would be open to sharing her experience of working with me over the years. Kerri is a perfect example of how your nutrition, relationship with food and health can evolve as you journey through my different services, programs and offerings and it has been so amazing to see her results, growth and transformation. We share this piece with you to show you what can really happen when you commit fully to your nutrition and health goals. Here is Kerri's story:

 I began working with Amy over 10 years ago.  I first attended a seasonal eating seminar in April 2010 and most recently participated in her 2021 Metabolic Shake Up Program.  During this time, I have had incredible success, many insights and gained much knowledge from Amy.  

Working with Amy has transformed my thoughts and feelings towards food and my body.  The most salient example came in early 2019 after a holiday season of gaining a few pounds. I attempted to lose some weight and was disappointed when the number on the scale didn’t change.  Upon reflection, I realized that it was still winter and that my body still needed these extra few pounds.  The information I gained over years of working with Amy gave me the wisdom to know that once spring came and the time was right for the extra body fat to go, it would, and it did!  

I gained this wisdom by reading Amy’s emails, participating in seminars and working one-on-one with her.  There have been years when I worked with Amy quite a bit, other years not as much. Amy never pressures you to do more than you are ready for.  As a marathon runner I tend to need more carbohydrates and grains compared to what Amy usually recommends.  She guides me to listen to my body and make changes accordingly.

Amy continually is learning and passing along her knowledge to her clients, which is important as science is always providing new best practices.  For example, I now occasionally try and delay eating breakfast to obtain the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Amy also met with both my daughters when they were early teenagers to discuss the importance of healthy eating given their busy lifestyles and provided us with new ideas for snacks and meals.  I thought it was essential that they be presented with this material from someone other than their Mom, so they could fully appreciate the information.

I worked with Amy to determine my metabolic type, which provided me great insight into how to balance my proteins.  In early 2018, I participated in her Spring Cleanse.  This gave me a wealth of new information on microgreens, body brushing and new recipes.  During this process I realized I was sensitive to dairy, which I now limit.  

We also did an iTOVi scan in August of 2020, which recommended specific essential oils to support my health and emotional needs.  The analysis was accurate in assessing that at that time in my life, as a new empty nester, figuring out a new life’s purpose was important to me.  Amy recommended reading Inspired Destiny by Dr. John Demartini, one of her mentors. The exercises in the book allowed me to develop a new vision for my life and helped clarify my life’s purpose.

In the fall of 2020, I participated in the Breast and Hormone Workshop.  What resonated with me most was the abundance of chemicals in my beauty products and the importance of alkaline water.   The videos Amy sent me showing the colon and the cleansing effects alkaline water can have led me to purchase a Kangen water system. I now have energizing water, which hydrates my family.  

I most recently participated in the Metabolic Shake Up Program in January 2021. After the holidays I had acquired some poor habits and needed to stop the downward spiral of pandemic eating and drinking.  This program was just what I needed to change my habits.  The daily messages, new recipes and weekly Zoom meetings gave me support.  The addition of the Ate app, which is a food diary and habit journal shows whether you are “on path” has transformed how Ithink about my meals and snacks.  By clearly seeing how well I did over a week, it allows me to make meaningful choices in my food.  When I go “off path”and have a meal that may not be in my best health interests, I do so mindfully and enjoy it without guilt.  Even after working with Amy for over a decade there was a lot to learn in this session for me personally.

Over the years Amy has expanded from focusing on food, to your whole lifestyle, including the importance of emotional health.  This is especially important to me as through the years I have transformed from a mid-30-year-old woman to a perimenopausal one, with new challenges.  

I plan to continue to work with Amy asmy needs arise.  Although I hope to never have to call on her for this, she would be one of the first people I would seek advice from if given a serious medical diagnosis to specifically tailor my new nutritional needs.  

Reviewing the past 10 plus years that Amy has guided and supported me on my nutritional journey, I realize I have gained a wealth of knowledge and my thoughts and feelings towards food and my body have dramatically changed for the positive.  I have been able to implement important changes over the years that have contributed to my overall optimal health.  

 -Kerri B.


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