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Change your Water, Change your Life

The quality of your tissues and the functioning of your cells is not only dependent on the amount of water you drink but also on the quality of water you drink. It has been said, “if you don't do anything else for your body, do this: drink plenty of pure ionized alkaline water daily.

"The key to health: Treat water with reverence."  - Isha Sadhguru

The most important nutrient in your body is plain water. Basic biochemistry tells us that bones are one-quarter water, the muscles are three-quarters water, the brain is 76% water and the blood that carries your nutrients is 82% water.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains, "Water is essential for digestion, nutrient absorption and assimilation. It aids in circulation, helps regulate the body’s temperature, lubricates and cushions the joints, keeps skin healthy and helps remove toxins from the body."
The quality of your tissues and the functioning of your cells is not only dependent on the amount of water you drink but also on the quality of water you drink. There is a great deal of conflicting information on which water source is better for your health: tap, filtered, distilled, reverse osmosis or pure spring water. In the fields of health and preventive medicine the use of ionized alkaline water is becoming the most widely agreed upon source of water. It has been said, “if you don't do anything else for your body, do this: drink plenty of pure ionized alkaline water daily.”

Ionized water is one of the most efficient ways for the body to:
1) Hydrate
2) Alkalinize
3) Mineralize
4) Detoxify

A few months ago I upleveled my water to ionized alkaline water called, Kangen water, and I love it! I love knowing I am drinking vibrant, highly absorbable, mineral-rich,antioxidant water. My husband is also happy we are improving our environmental footprint by stopping delivered water that sits in plastic bottles as well as saving money by having our own water unit in our home. I have been so excited to share this incredible health promoting water with you and I invite you to listen to this engaging and informative interview I did with colleague and Kangen Water expert, Greg Webb. RMT, where we discuss the importance of changing your water and the incredible health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water.


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Ionized alkaline water is considered a very powerful antioxidant and delivers a massive amount of negatively charged electrons, to attach to and neutralize the free-radicals that cause daily damage and rapid aging within your body. This is important as most other water purification systems, such as distilled and reverse osmosis, leave your water with positively charged ions which only contribute to the free radical load and acidity in the body. Drinking a glass of ionized alkaline water is like drinking a glass of antioxidants. Antioxidants not only help us to prevent disease and rapid aging but they also help us to detoxify the body. This high antioxidant water prevents oxidative damage to DNA due to its high antioxidant effects.

Ionized water restores your body’s acid/alkaline balance. In today’s world as a result of poor nutrition, mineral-depleted soils, stress, environmental toxins, and lack of detoxification, almost everybody is overly acidic, and needs to alkalize. Acidity contributes to“silent” inflammation which is the precursor and major contributor to rapid aging and chronic disease. All the “diseases of aging” – from cancer, eczema, to chronic fatigue, to the skin losing elasticity – occur within an acidic body. Dr. Young, author of The pH Miracle states, “the single most important thing one can do to improve health and fitness is to begin drinking alkaline water.” It is the easiest and quickest way to regain your health and vitality and to lose weight. Excess body weight naturally sheds as acids are released from the body.

A healthy body is determined by the health of each of its single cells. All disease originates at the cellular level and not at the organ or system level. Healthy cells create healthy tissues. Healthy tissues create healthy organs like the heart and lungs. Healthy organs create healthy systems like the endocrine system or the immune system and healthy systems make up a healthy body. The pH of your tissues and body fluids affects the state of your health or inner cleanliness or filth. The closer the pH is to 7.35 - 7.45, the higher your level of health and wellbeing and your ability to resist states of disease and the onset of symptomologies.

We are polluting our internal fluids with acidic toxins like pharmaceuticals, nicotine, excessive intake of acid forming foods, acidic beverages such assoda, coffee, sports drinks, carbonated beverages and alcohol, which all compromise the delicate balance of pH that maintains homeostasis. So in short,sickness and disease are simply our beautiful, God - created bodies reacting to the foreign things we are exposing them to through breathing, eating, drinking and bathing in acidic, toxic substances that damage the cells and immune system through time. When the body can no longer effectively neutralize and eliminate the acids it relocates them within the body’s extra-cellular fluids and connective tissue cells directly compromising cellular integrity and creates degenerative disease.

Another benefit of pure ionized alkaline water is that it oxygenates the cells. Cells deficient in oxygen can start to turn cancerous. (German biochemist Dr. Warback won the Nobel prize for proving this theory). Ionized water delivers twice as much oxygen to your cells as tap or bottled water.

One of the amazing benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water is that it is high in absorbable, bioavailable ionic minerals. Our body only absorbs minerals in their ionic form and that is what Kangen water provides. So often we drink water and it is not being absorbed intracellularly. It sits extracellularly, contributing to edema, sloshiness in the stomach and dehydration. No matter how much you drink, if your water is void of ionic minerals it is virtually doing nothing for the health of your body, other than making your belly feel full and your thirst unquenched.

One of the greatest things I have noticed since switching my water to Kangen water is glowing skin and that my water feels alive! Kangen water is living,vibrant energetic water. I have alway believed the water we drink should be moving and water that sits in bottles for months on end has no vibration or life force left in it. It is dead water. Kangen water is living water and as as result your cells awaken to the vibrational resonance of the water you are drinking. That is powerful!

Kangen means,"restore / return to origin." I truly believe this is one of the most important wellness and lifestyle changes you can make to restore your body back to its origin and ensure your are creating an environment that promotes health and vitality.

For more information about Kangen water please listen to this engaging and informative interview above and learn more from my website here:

I also invite you to come and try some Kangen water. Bring a jug or two over and I would be happy to show you my Kangen unit and share the water so you and your family can experience the difference.

Yours in health & vitality,


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