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Emotions and Illness

If you are not exploring the emotional factors linked to your health, eating and weight challenges, you are missing the most important piece of the puzzle. Read more.

I have just spent 5 remarkable days with my mentor Dr. John Demartini, exploring emotions and illness. 70 hours, hundreds of illnesses. There is no doubt that our psychology impacts our physiology. Simply put, our unresolved emotions and imbalanced perceptions create illness in our body.
For 19 years I have been exploring the possible emotional triggers and traumas that contribute to my client’s manifestation of symptoms, weight challenges, unwanted eating behaviors and illness. Through my training in Social Work, German New Medicine, Dynamic Eating Psychology and Dr.Demartini, I have been able to help my clients decode the specific emotions and the impact they have on the body. We explore how those emotions are blocking weight loss efforts, triggering emotional eating and contributing to illness. Those clients that do the emotional work with me have the greatest results and wellness outcomes compared to those who don’t.
I see it over and over again, people with chronic health problems and weight issues going to so many different doctors, practitioners, diet programs, taking medications, supplements, trying all sorts of nutritional and exercise interventions and still dealing with their same issues after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on physical interventions alone.  They have always missed the most important factors – the psychosomatic ones – the emotions that literally create our illnesses.  If you are not exploring the emotional factors linked to your health, eating and weight challenges, you are missing the most important piece of the puzzle.
Of course there are many contributing factors that contribute to imbalance, disease and disharmony in the body – genes, epigenetics, viruses, bacteria, nutrition, nutrient deficiencies, misaligned spines, poor lifestyle choices, disconnection to life purpose, etc., AND there is always an emotional component. This is why my business is called  Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul. I work with you to optimize your nutrition foundations to Nourish the Body, we explore and resolve the mental and emotional      stresses with Mind-Body Eating Coaching and the Demartini Method™ to Nourish the Mind and I work with you to determine your values and create a fulfilling life to Nourish the Soul. You need all three components to achieve wellness.
Often the biggest reason we have emotions and illness is because we are not doing what we love. We are not living in alignment with what we value and creating meaningful lives. Every symptom, off-path eating moment and illness is your body's feedback to help you get authentic, live authentically and get you back to your path, your mission and your purpose. This is profound! - Our body is just trying to help us reach our most authentic state of being. This is when we reach and feel vitality.
Whether you are dealing with minor, moderate or extreme problems - digestive, inflammatory, hormonal, autoimmune, metabolic, skin, respiratory, rapid aging, depression, anxiety, neurological, weight or unwanted eating behaviors and more, there is emotional work to be done. If you are still dealing with he same symptoms, weight and eating challenges after years of effort, time, money and frustration, it is time to try something different. Stop chasing the physical and explore the emotional.   Often when we do the emotional and soul work all the physical interventions start working!
I can help you decode your body's messages. As Dr. Demartini states, "The signs and symptoms accompanying your body's so-called illness actually can offer you deep insights and provide you with profound meaning."
If it is not you that is needing this work, perhaps it is somebody in your family, a colleague or a friend that you are thinking of right now, so I ask that you please share this message with them today.  If this is speaking to you, I encourage you to book a consult with me and let’s explore, decode and once and for all resolve the emotional links to your symptoms, weight and eating challenges so you can unblock all that is getting in the way from reaching your full wellness and life potential. The time has come...
Yours in health & vitality,


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