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Essential Nourishment for Glowing Skin and Radiant Hair

Learn some key supplements and nutrition strategies to help you create glowing beauty from the inside out.

Glowingskin and radiant hair is an inside job. Your internal environment absolutely determinesthe health and vitality of your body’s outer environment and food is your mostpowerful way to ensure well-hydrated, well-oxygenated and well-nourished skinand hair.


The biggest contributing factor to poor skin complexion, aging skin, and lack-luster hair is inflammation. One of the most important things you can do to turn-down inflammation is to avoid all processed, refined foods, especially staying clearof hydrogenated fats and sugar and eating a high quality, high vibrational, whole food, colorful diet.



Antioxidantsare the greatest way to turn down inflammation and prevent free radical damage which ages our skin, so ensuring your diet is full of a kaleidoscope of colorful fruits and vegetables and plant-based foods is especially important. Foods that are high in skin quenching Vitamin C, E and Beta Carotene such as berries, kiwi, pomegranate, citrus fruits, apples, carrots, spinach, green beans, sweet potato, squash, asparagus, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds as well as other high antioxidant foods such as hemp seeds, mung beans, green tea, matcha, Goji berries, coconut, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, raw cacao and avocado are some of the most valuable foods to eat to ensure great skin and hair.



Drink your water! In order to have hydrated skin, you must have a hydrated body. Drinking filtered alkaline water is essential for healthy skin and hair. Aim for 2-3 liters a day.


Optimize your Hydration

Add 1-2 Tbsp of liquid chlorophyll to your water as it oxygenates the blood and vibrant skin needs to be optimally hydrated and oxygenated. Next to inflammation, decreased blood flow is a major cause for aging skin so simply adding liquid chlorophyll will help to increase blood flow while also helpingto provide an internal cleanser for the body.


You can also add 2-4 oz of pure liquid Aloe Vera to your water. Aloe is one of the best topical skin care supports and internally it is also incredibly nourishing and hydrating. Taken internally, aloe helps to optimize the health and integrity of the digestive system making it another example of how supporting your body internally will help support your beauty externally.



Sulphur has been referred to as the “Youth Element” and it is an important mineral toaid in liver detoxification – a healthy liver is another key player for glowing skin and radiant hair. Some of the best Sulphur containing foods are the cruciferous vegetables such as bok choy, broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cabbage,cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and watercress, many of which are also high in Vitamin C. Sulphur is also high in onions, leeks, chives and garlic.


Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA)

The most important essential oil to add to your diet for glowing skin and lustrous hair is GLA. As we age and especially for post-menopausal women, the ability to make GLA is poor so taking a daily supplement is essential to preventdull wrinkled skin and lifeless hair.  GLA will also help turn down inflammation, keep the skin hydrated and the blood flowing!



Collagen is the latest and greatest health food on the market and for good reason - itis amazing for our skin and hair. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body but as we age collagen production declines and that affects the vibrancy of our skin and hair. Collagen helps with regeneration and repair, improves skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles associated with rapid aging. Simply adding it into your supplement regimen or as a powder in your smoothies or favorite hot drinks, you can maintain and achieve youthful looking skin.


For vegans and vegetarians who do not want marine or bovine sources of collagen,there are plant-based collagen builders on the market that use nutrients that support the production of collagen like silica, Vitamin A, C and polyphenols. Incorporating Vitamin A and C through fruits and vegetables such as butternut and winter squash, sweet potato, spinach, carrots, broccoli, kale, green peas, red pepper, mango and tomatoes will help promote the production of collagen and enjoy those avocados as they support the collagen and elastin in your skin while the goods fats keep your skin hydrated.


And this is how you use the power of food to achieve beauty from the inside out!


Simple Nourishing Beauty Tip:


·      Over low heat, melt ½ cup organic cold-pressed coconut oil in a pot.

·      Feel free to add 1-3 drops of Certified Pure Therapeutic Oil to the coconut oil for extra benefit (Rosemary is great for dry or oily hair and to help stimulate hair growth)

·      Once the oils reached room temperature, move to the bathroom sink and slowly pour the oil over your scalp and gently massage it through your hair.

·      Any excess oil can be massaged into your skin.

·      Sleep with the oil in your hair (place a towel over your pillow for protection) and in the morning wash it out. Your skin will be glowing and your hair radiant!


 Yours in health & vitality,



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