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Getting Back on Track

Have you been off track with your nutrition? If so, you are not alone. This article offers encouragement to reset, refocus and get back on track

How our body looks and feels today is a reflection of how we have been taking care of it the last 6 months. How is your body doing?

Let’s be honest, the world and our own lives got a little crazy the last 6 months and for many our food and health habits reflected that as well. Many people overindulged, used food for comfort, to pacify anxiety and for something to do when there felt like there was nothing to do. For many people, gym and fitness routines ended when studios closed and may have had a hard time self-motivating to work out on their own. Does this sound like you?

This of course isn't true for all. Many people took advantage of the opportunity to optimize their nutrition and get fit outside or online which is awesome, but for the majority of the people I have heard from or spoken to, the last 6 months was a struggle.
For me personally, having my kids at home for 24/7 took its toll. There were many blessings and gifts having them home but they wore me out!  I'm tired and I have craved silence so I am thrilled my kids have returned to school! There have definitely been moments of chip eating to help me pacify my stress these past 6 months. I have snacked on pantry foods that I would normally never touch out of boredom and I also overindulged on pastries and ice cream on my holidays which I thoroughly enjoyed! But, despite exercising my body is now at a place that is uncomfortable for me, and it is time to reset and get back on track. Do you feel the same?

We all go through different phases with nutrition and perhaps the last 6 months was an “anything goes” phase or an "emotional eating" phase. It’s important to acknowledge where you have been and see how that phase served you. What was your relationship with food trying to teach you? 

The important thing to remember is that every phase has a beginning and an end. It is time to end the phase you have been in if it was more health-taking than health promoting and get back on track because the longer you stay in a phase the harder it is to get out of it.

We are also in the transition of summer to fall so this marks an important time to transition our diet and lifestyle. We need to find our grounding rhythm, structure and routine again. We need to close the door on summer foods and phase into eating warmer, oilier and grounding foods such as oatmeal with hemp seeds,steamed and roasted root vegetables, homemade apple sauce, sauteed greens from the garden, harvest fruits such as apples, grapes and pears and more cooked one pot meals like soups, curries and stir-fry. 

With kids going back to school, many returning to work, the change in season and the realization of where we have been the last 6 months, this could be feeling like a very sensitive time. Feel what needs to be felt, acknowledge where you are, rest if you need to rest and reach out if you need support. 

If you feel like you need support getting back on track, I invite you to come for a one-on-one consult, essential oil treatments (Aromatouch orSymphony of the Cells) and soulful nourishment discussions. Perhaps you need a seasonal follow up to get excited to eat for Fall, or some guidance and accountability on how to get back on track.

The most important thing, is to not punish yourself, get down and beat yourself up about where you have been or the weight you may have gained. Acknowledge the phase, thank it for its teachings and move into the next phase of getting back on track. This is opportunity to reset, refocus and set new intentions.

Yours in health & vitality,


Stay tuned and save the date for an upcoming 1 day workshop that I have co-created with friend, colleague and Clarity Coach, Alex Kaganov.  
Getting Back onTrack:  A Day to Reset, Refocus and Re-inspire.
Sunday October 4th(9:30-4:30) 
Catered lunch included
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