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Gratitude for your Body

“The greatest art form that exists on this planet is the human physical body – a magnificently structured temple of sacred architecture”
– Dr. Demartini

How many times a day do you look in the mirror and see all the things you dislike about your body? What mean things are you saying to yourself? Do you carry those messages of negativity and hate with you throughout your day? How is that impacting your relationships, your focus, your health, your energy, what and how you eat and the vibe you are putting out to the world?

What if you began to look in the mirror and focused on every fine detail you love about your body? One of the ways in which we can begin to shift our perceptions of our body is to see what we are grateful for. When I work with my clients who struggle with body image, we make a list of all the things they dislike about their body, as well as all that they like and admire (inside and out). Nearly every time I do this, the list of dislikes is much smaller than the list of likes. Yet it is those few dislikes that create lopsided perceptions and skew the entire image they have of themselves.

What we focus on is what we see. What we think about is what we bring about. Is all you are seeing the bad and the ugly? What if we began to focus on the loves, the likes and the gratitudes? How would that shift your relationships, your presence, your health, your energy, your eating and the vibe you are putting out to the world?

We often devalue and depreciate our body when we compare it to others. We admire others bodies and wish we could have what they have and as a result we deflate and diminish our own. This can create depression and low self-worth. In order to appreciate our body we need to learn to shift our perceptions and see what we like and admire about our OWN human form.

Love and appreciate your body for what it is as it is. For the parts that are harder to admire, see how they are specifically helping you to achieve what is most important to you in your life. For example if you do not like your belly weight or your cellulite does it push you to eat better, move your body, seek professionals that help to educate and guide you? How does doing those things serve your highest values? Do they help you to fulfill your value of health, do they make you better for your family, do they support your thirst for knowledge and education because you are learning and finding ways to help yourself? 

Body image and Learning to Love your Body is a session in my upcoming Weekend of Nourishment. I walk you through the process of shifting your perceptions and bringing more gratitude to your sacred art form. If this is something you struggle with I hope you will join me. This Weekend of Nourishment was created to help people transform their relationship with food, BODY and self. Our body is a cosmic and earthly gift and if you can't see it that way, if you struggle to find gratitude for your body, then there is still work for you to do on your journey. I can help you with that!

Begin and end every day with gratitude for your body. Thank it for what it is, for all it does for you, for helping you to fulfill your highest values, your mission your purpose and take note of how it thanks you back. It is a daily practice of loving your body wholly and fully.

Yours in health & vitality,

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