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It Happens to Men Too

So much of the health and wellness industry is focused on women but all the “stuff” women experience around food and body, happens to men too, just in their own way.

So much of the health and wellness industry is focused on women. There is very little talk about what men experience with their bodies, their health challenges, prostate, colon and cardiovascular concerns, andropause, body image, aging, emotional eating and even how they feel as they navigate their stresses, worries and concerns. Most men often don’t talk about or even take care of their health and nutrition until they get a wake-up call. What I will tell you with certainty, that all the “stuff” women experience around food and body, happens to men too, just in their own way.

I love working with my male clients. Men are often very straight forward and to the point. They often want a clear and direct plan, accountability and coaching. Some of my male clients just want me to tell them exactly what to eat, the facts, and simple information about nutrition. Get in. Get out. See results. Done! And with healthy testosterone levels, those results can often come fast (which is really frustrating for the opposite hormonally wired partner!).But if those quick and easy results don’t come, we do begin to explore the deeper dimensions in life that are at the root of their eating, weight and health challenges.

I work with younger men in their 20s and 30s who want to feel and look their best, enhance their performance, raise their health as a higher value and empower their life.

Men in their 40s-50’s often realize they need to start taking better care of their health. They have often neglected their health and nutrition in pursuit of their business and financial goals and the busyness of family life. They notice their body changing, energy waning, the beer belly blues takes affect and they are starting to get signs and symptoms that they better do something before it’s too late.

Although I don’t see as many men 60’s and beyond, what I will tell you is that if a man hasn’t taken care of his health up to this point this is often when rapid aging and disease show up, especially if working in a job that is unfulfilling or if he retires without a purpose.

Common themes I see for men that trigger emotional eating moments are because they are not fulfilled in their work, it can feel mundane or very stressful. Many feel the pressure and anxiety to be financially responsible for their family or they may feel a lack of love, appreciation and desire from their partner. It is common for men to numb out with food as opposed to exploring and expressing what they are going through. Men can also compulsively eat when stress becomes very high.

If we look at the emotional root for overweight men, it can often be related to untapped energy - a lack of expression of their full potential and power. Men fully step into their “kingdom” when they are manifesting in business, wealth building, leading and generating success. Their energy, vigor, strength and stamina are powerful and testosterone is high. But if a man is feeling enslaved by a job he hates, trapped in a marriage or relationship he is unhappy with or feeling a lack of purpose, vision and drive for what he wants to do in his life, it is very common that he will experience depression, weight gain, a drop in testosterone and emotional eating.

With tweaks, additions and adjustments to the diet, exploring the moments that cause men to veer off path and realizing the deeper meaning behind their weight and health challenges, men can have incredible transformations in their health and relationship with food.

To my male clients, know you are not alone navigating this. You are part of a collective tribe having very similar experiences. And women, perhaps reading this will help you to understand a little more about what is going on for your partner in relation to their food, body and eating experiences.

We need the men of the world to be fully empowered in their health so they can manifest all they desire in their Kingdom. I am happy to work with these men on the pursuit…

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Yours in health & vitality,

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