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Love thy Liver!

One of the most important and hard working organs in the body is the liver and so we really need to treat her like the queen! Learn 10 key nutrition tips to support your liver daily.

                                                                                                           “The Liver is the Queen of all Queens” – Dr Mariza Snyder

One of the most important and hard working organs in the body is the liver. It is responsible for over 500 processes and so we really need to treat her like the queen!
The liver is the body’s master laboratory – it stores and distributes nourishment for the entire body, is involved in the formation and breakdown of blood and filters toxins. Your liver is also essential to support healthy hormones and to ensure hormonal balance. A congested liver is at the root of many of the symptoms that women experience during  perimenopause  and menopause (brain fog, poor concentration, weight gain, headaches, migraines, poor sleep, fatigue, sluggishness, mood swings and irritability). Often when the liver is sluggish, you’ll crave chocolate, caffeine, heavy meat,alcohol and fried food – these foods further overwork the liver and can trigger more fire, heat and anger, creating a highly inflamed body. 

A sluggish and toxic liver can make you a slow morning riser, cause sluggishness, nausea, poor focus and mental clarity, anger, skin rashes,eczema, edema, excess belly fat and can make weight loss very difficult.  If the liver becomes overloaded with environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, unresolved emotional issues and a poor diet, that can cause many acute and chronic problems.

Spiritually, the liver is the home of the soul – a clean, flowing, and wellworking liver gives us the inspiration and desire for life. If the liver is toxic and sluggish however, it can be the very reason for lack of enthusiasm and spark to life.
Top 10 Daily Liver Supporting Practices

  • Add 1-2 drops of doTerra lemon essential oil to your water to stimulate glutathione and daily gentle liver detoxification
  • Eat bitter leafy greens –spinach, beet greens, dandelion greens, arugula, radicchio, kale, Swiss Chard
  • Enjoy 1-2 cruciferous vegetables a day (broccoli, broccoli sprouts, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi Swiss chard, watercress) to support phase II liver detoxification
  • Add microgreens, pea shoots and broccoli sprouts to your salads daily as they are loaded with polyphenols and are bitter, astringent and pungent which help to detox the liver
  • Add lemon, lime and grapefruit to your food (squeeze it on salads, on fish and in water) – these citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which helps to detox the liver
  • Drink dandelion, nettle or milk thistle tea in the evening to support gentle liver cleansing
  • Eat roots like turmeric root and ginger root, and drink teas with chicory and burdock roots to help strengthen the liver
  • Add a Liver cleansing juice to your mid-day : Celery, spinach, fennel, ginger, apple, lemon
  • Eliminate alcohol
  • Eliminate hydrogenated oils in processed packaged foods and and fast food 

It is important to support the liver daily but Spring is the most important time of the year to do a deep liver cleanse. “The liver is the ruling organ over spring.” If we miss the opportunity to cleanse and support the Queen she’ll be unruly for the rest of the year! Check out my 30 Day Spring Eliminate & Illuminate Program to learn how to cleanse and support your liver the right way!

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