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Metabolic Typing and Anxiety

Learn how eating right for your body type can help with anxiety

Eating for your body type can be a game changer. Not only can it help reverse Metabolic conditions such as excess weight, insulin resistance, Type II Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and high triglycerides, it can also have a profound impact on your emotional and mental state.

Metabolic Body Typing is all about feeding your Autonomic Nervous System - the grand regulator of every metabolic process in the body - it supports your cells, blood, tissues, organs, hormones and all of the systems in the body. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is made up of 2 branches - the Parasympathetic (rest, digest, relax) and Sympathetic (fight, flight, stress). According to the science of Metabolic Typing, everybody has a unique way that their nervous system operates. Some people are more dominant in their Parasympathetic branch while others are more Sympathetic dominant, and some are balanced between the two. The key for wellness is to balance the nervous system and we can do that with the power of food.

Depending on how your ANS operates will determine how you break down, metabolize and use food for energy. If you are Parasympathetic Dominant you are a slow oxidizer, so eating a higher carbohydrate diet with lots of fruit a variety of vegetables, lighter protein and whole grains works well for these body types. Sympathetic Dominants on the other hand are fast oxidizers. They burn their food for energy very quickly so in order to pacify the Sympathetic system we must strengthen the Parasympathetic branch by using higher density protein (fatty fish, red meats and dark poultry), liberal essential fats , fatty fruit (olives, avocado, coconut) and specific vegetables. These body type do very poorly on caffeine, grains, sugar and alcohol as they oxidize too quickly, speeding up their already Sympathetic dominant body and in many cases this can cause anxiety or worsen existing anxiety. Mixed or Balanced Types need to learn how to combine the 2 ways of eating and find their perfect fuel mix. When you find that perfect fuel mix unique to you, you will feel satisfied, satiated free of cravings, have long-lasting energy, emotional stability and overall feel good. When you eat against your body type symptoms arise as in the case of this client story:

My 38 year old client first came to see me 3 months ago and she was a Vegan and although her food was healthy, whole, organic and high quality, it was clear to me and based on her symptoms that the food choices were working against her body type. She presented with high anxiety, constant worrying, crying spells, hypoglycemia, high cholesterol, cold extremities, asthma and difficulty breathing. sleeplessness, sugar cravings and constantly feeling hungry. I could tell by her body type, her symptoms and her rapid speed, she was a very dominant Sympathetic body type and she was eating against her Metabolic Body Type. She was fueling on a higher carbohydrate diet and eating very little protein. Her goal was to be as healthy as possible and if that meant moving from a Vegan to animal based diet she was willing to try. In 3 months, her health has changed incredibly. She has no energy crashes, she has not had an asthma attacks, she can breathe deeper, her blood sugars are stabilized, she doesn't notice cold hands and feet, she is satisfied, satiated and free of cravings. She is getting her cholesterol checked again to see if it normalized. Most significantly her anxiety, constant worrying and crying spells have disappeared and she notices that any time she veers off her nutritional path, her worrying, panic attacks and sleeplessness come back. She now enjoys meat which she embraces knowing it is working for her health, she eats lots of good fats for snacks and with her meals and feels so much better and can't believe she can easily go without eating grains and notices when she eats them she crashes.

This is a perfect example of how important it is to eat right for your unique biochemistry. If you or anyone else you know struggles with any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned above and if you want to know your Metabolic Body Type and ensure you are eating the right foods with the correct macro-nutrient ratios, then book a consult. With a simple nutritional intake, analysis and Metabolic Typing Questionnaire I can determine your body type and tweak you nutrition to ensure it is working for you vs against you. Book your 90 Minute Metabolic Consult today (587) 436-2692.

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