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Shake it Up!

Stimulation, challenge and change are 3 key words I invite you to embrace to yield new results.

2021 brings you an opportunity to switch things up. Stimulation, challenge and change are 3 key words I invite you to embrace to yield new results.

For 6 years I fell in love with Barre. I love the Feminine workouts and I still do. But after doing the same thing week after week, year after year, I got to a point where the workout wasn’t effective anymore for me. I was gaining weight, feeling “thick”, wasn’t burning body fat anymore and I was fatiguing and aching after the workouts. I knew it was time to switch it up, but change is hard. It took a lot of grappling in my mind because I still loved Barre and was comfortable in the studio, the on-line platform and I knew what to expect. But… stimulation, challenge and change were what I needed to yield new results.

Back in the summer, I committed to making a change. I got my running legs back. It was hard, it took some time to feel good doing it but it eventually it did feel good and I was shedding some of that heaviness I was feeling from Barre. I then went back to Orange Theory which I had to stop due to pandemic closures and I LOVED it. The workouts were invigorating and literally shook things up. They stimulated, challenged and changed my body. In 3 months I lost 6 pounds, leaned up, toned up and felt re-energized. I still do an occasional Barre class but I needed to switch things up to get new results.

We are creatures of habit. We like to know what is going to happen. Routine is comfortable. But after a while of being in it, is it effective? If you do the same, you get the same. If you eat the same meals every day, do the same workout, walk the same paths, drink the same coffee and tea, have the same snacks, think the same thoughts, you will feel the same. That feeling may be good for you. It may be working. You may be in maintenance or sustaining phase. But at some point that sameness will stop being as effective and you will get signs and signals from your body or mind that it is time to shake things up. Perhaps your energy won’t be as awesome as it was, your clothes will feel tighter, your irritability will be more frequent, your sleep less sound and your digestive system less effective. You may start hearing that little voice in your head telling you to do something different.  

If this sounds like you and if you know you need some stimulation, challenge and change, I have a solution for you. The 30 Day Metabolic Shake Up! Program.

The 30 Day Metabolic Shake Up! is designed to stimulate, challenge and change your metabolism. Each food, tea, meal suggestion, essential oil, recipe and lifestyle tip you receive is designed to shake up your metabolism, get you out of a rut, try new things and get you results. With daily guidance, coaching and accountability you will feel successful and have fun along the way!

Here is what past participants had to say:  

"I’ve tried almost every weight loss program out there – I obviously had a mixed up relationship with food as I continued to binge eat and gain weight.I felt like I needed a big shake up in my eating.This program came along at the just the right time for me.I needed to feel in control, I needed to feel that I was eating BETTER, and I needed support in this journey.Amy was supportive and so knowledgeable - the program was not difficult and Amy gave me lots of ideas on how to manage those difficult times in my life.It’s a process, not an overnight thing;I have learned to be more gentle with myself and gain some skills/knowledge that will only help me"
– Sheila

"This was a great program with a great coach!  I never felt hungry or alone during the program.  Will definitely repeat it at some time in the future" – Eleanor

"I want to thank you for this past 30 days of education and motivation. It is surprising to me how I know all these things from past experiences, but time and not remaining mindful allows us to easily stray. This then becomes the new "habit". Thank you for again pointing me in the right direction by sharing your wisdom."
- Bonnie

"I feel very good following the ‘program’ and seem to have lots of energy. It’s definitely helping with sleep as well, which makes me very happy. The reduction in added sugar was something that I’d been wanting to do for a while. I don’t think of myself as eating much sugar or processed food at all, but appreciate the tips you’ve provided to reduce it even further." - Mary-Ellen

"As a middle age menopausal woman I was looking for some guidance on how to boost my metabolism. This 30 day Metabolic Shake Up was the perfect program to get me going. I love that Amy gave us one thing to work on each day and approached things very positively. Rather than tell us what not to do she would always give us something that we should try to do. I also appreciated that some of the tips involved non diet related things like taking a detox bath or finding an activity to nourish your soul. I would highly encourage anyone wanting to make some practical changes to their life promoting healthy eating to give this program and try."
– Julie

These ladies and many more who chose change got results - from weight loss, to increased energy, improved complexion, digestion, sleep and more, it worked. They all had one thing in common - they committed.

Change is not easy. It is uncomfortable. But once you commit and believe you can do it, good things will come. What is it that you need and want to change in order to get results?  I hope that you will be part of the 5th edition of this exciting and effective program. It would be my joy to coach you in creating change.

Here’s to shaking it up in 2021.

Yours in health & vitality

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