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Staying Nutritionally Conscious during these Covid Times

Tips to help prevent emotional eating and keep you focused during stressful times

Hello! How are you doing? I felt a craving to connect with you all today. The truth is, I am thinking about every one of you - my valued and and loyal clients and readers. I wonder how you are doing through these crazy times and am curious how you have been nourishing yourself.

I was recently interviewed for an article for the Toronto Star, Overindulgence during Covidand have had many zoom consults with clients who are finding themselves bingeing, stress eating and eating out of boredom since life has changed. I want you to know that this is a collective struggle and even me, your Nutrition Expert, has found myself snacking and eating things I wouldn't normally eat.

The truth is for me, I am finding it very overwhelming to home-school my kids. I am missing the silence and laser-focus that I had during my day when they were at school and I am constantly being needed while still focusing on my business (I have been interrupted 9 times so far writing this article!!). My fatigue and irritability have increased and as a result I am snacking and eating more.I am conscious that this emotional eating is to keep my energy going and to calm my frazzled nerves (I started taking some adrenal support recently which has helped). In fact I used to do the same thing when my kids were babies and toddlers and the constant needing of me and burned out adrenals were contributing to my visits to the pantry! Can you relate?

The truth is, food isn't giving me more energy in these times. What gives me more energy is staying focused and inspired. Doing the things I love like working, seeing clients (virtually), writing these articles to you, walking my dog in nature and keeping up my workouts even if they are virtual. When I do these things that fill me up then I have more patience and desire to be with my kids and for my kids. I also am noticing when I am tired and just need to relax. I notice when I don't listen to my fatigue and push through it, I am also drawn to the pantry to keep going. But if I stop, take a break, listen to spiritual music (Snatum Kaur, Diva Premal), do a puzzle, watch a show or just sit on the couch with a cup of tea and be still I rebalance, recharge and feel so much better.

Throughout these crazy pandemic times you are going to notice how your relationship with food is tested. Your moments of emotional eating, binge eating, stress eating and eating out of boredom are here to teach you some important lessons about yourself. The key is to lean into these teachings. Do some self-exploration. What are these moments trying to tell you? Don't fear them, fight them and live in guilt and shame about them, rather see them as opportunities to help raise your nutritional consciousness. 

Yours in health & vitality,


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