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Summer Wisdom

Learn the most important foods and lifestyle practices that will help you stay balanced and vibrant all summer long!
Summer is here and once again Mother Nature gives us exactly what we need to stay balanced, cool and vibrant. Summer is all about pacifying the heat of the season. Consuming and enjoying an abundance of cooling, bitter, astringent and sweet tastes that naturally grow and that are available to us is key to preventing symptoms of excess heat (irritability, anger, sunburn, heartburn, edema and inflammation).

Cooling, bitter and astringent vegetables are key to pacify the heat of the summer.

•Bell Peppers
•Green and Yellow beans
•Green leafy vegetables (kale, chard)

Sweet fruits keep us cool and satiate the sweet taste our body desires at this time of year.


Summer is the time to chill out, relax and play!
Here are some helpful tips to ensure you are keeping your lifestyle balanced this season:

•Don’t overheat by overworking, being competitive and rigid. Be spontaneous, try new things and seek adventure.
•Relax in the shade
•Swim to keep yourself cool
•Soak up the sun early morning and late afternoon
•Walk barefoot in the grass and sand to recharge your body and receive negative charge from the earth that counters all the positive charge we receive from the city - stress, noise, electromagnetic fields.
•Reflect and celebrate all you have accomplished this year - so important!!
•Be social and take in the city activities
•Take a vacation or escape to the mountains for quick getaways
•Spend time in nature - be in the woods, the forests, mountains, by the river, streams, waterfalls - the most essential component to a healthy lifestyle
•Vigorous exercise, move, hike, aerobic activity, get out of the gym and onto the fields and pathways
•Recharge your batteries. Consider taking a social media and technology break. Disconnect to reconnect!
•Smile, be present, enjoy and have fun!

Summer dinner meal suggestions:

•Trout with lime, dill and tarragon, grilled zucchini and asparagus
•Chicken, roasted fingerling potatoes, steamed yellow and green beans
•Grilled kabobs (Shrimp, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, pineapple)
•Turkey burger, (garden lettuce bum) stacked with grilled zucchini, sprouts, microgreens, beet greens, avocado, tomato

Essential Hydration Tips:

1)Add George's Aloe Vera to your Summer lifestyle (available at health food stores and Vitamins First). 2-4 oz a day added to your water or smoothies will help pacify the heat, keep your internal body cool, alleviate indigestion, soothe and heal any digestive discomfort

2) Be Creative with your Water
-drink lots of water, make herbal ice teas, infuse your water with fresh herbs and fruits, add doTerra lemon, wild orange, lime or grapefruit essential oils to boost your antioxidants and keep your body cleansed. You can also enjoy iced coconut water to replenish electrolytes, provide the sweet taste the body needs to counter the heat. Be creative!

Take in all the best of the season and simply enjoy all that summer has to offer!

Yours in health & vitality,

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