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The Menopausal Shift

In menopause the body is meant to look different and be different because you as a woman are different.

Over my 14 years of practice, I have worked with so many women who struggle with their weight and changing body throughout menopause and beyond.

The truth is, in the Menopausal phase your body changes, your metabolism slows and for many women weight gain occurs.  Certainly it is important to ensure your nutrition and exercise support these hormonal shifts and do what you can to have the healthiest body to carry you through your life, but in menopause the body is meant to look different and be different because you as a woman are different. 

The menopausal body is meant to be a Queen body, not a Princess body. It is meant to look solid, feminine, soft, curvy, and fluid. This new body is meant to carry a woman’s message, her service, her love, her knowledge, her accumulated wisdom. It is meant to be the strength for her family, her work, her mission, her community, herself.

This is a woman’s phase of life to make peace with her food, to make peace with her body and to make peace with herself.  It is absolutely important to find joyous movement and to eat incredibly well, but instead of doing for the goal of fitting into a different dress size, rather move and eat for longevity, to slow the aging process, to prevent chronic disease, to feel amazing, to glow and to have energy and vibrancy so that you can do all the things you love to do. 

In this phase of life, instead of focusing your thoughts, energy, feelings, around your waist line, rather focus it on what you are most meant to be doing. Where would all of your energy and thoughts go if it wasn’t focused on losing weight? Menopause provides women with the opportunity to make changes, clear out what no longer serves, decide who she wants to be, how she wants to be and what she wants to be in this phase of life.

Aren’t you tired of dieting, hating on your body and the constant struggle with food? Is this really what you still want to be dealing with in your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s? If your answer is no, then imagine what it would feel like to step in, own and stand in the glory of your body as it is right now and own the beauty of who you are as a woman? What would your life and impact on others be like if you walked through your day with that conviction?

And when you are who you are most meant to be and doing what you most love to do and releasing what no longer serves, your body will find its rightful place as a Sage, a Wise woman, a Queen, a Warrior, a Strong Woman archetype you are meant to be throughout Menopause.

If you are ready to explore this new way of shape-shifting your mind and body and you really want to transform your relationship with food, body and self in this menopausal phase, then call me so we can begin this journey of nourishing your body, mind and soul. (403)245-2611 or amy@amybondar.com.

Physically – You will awaken you to the power of food and ensure what you are eating and how you are eating is right for this phase of your life and provide you with the right supplements and/or essential oils to support your changing hormones

Mentally and Emotionally – You will explore your relationship with food and body and resolve the unresolved conflicts and stresses that are likely causing you to hold on to unneeded weight that is meant to be shed in this Phase.

Soulfully – You will step into a new female archetype and explore your mission and purpose and who you are most meant to be and what you would love to do in this phase of your life.

It is my mission to help you transform your relationship with food body and self by going on a journey of nourishing your body, mind and soul. If you are ready to do the work, call or email today. (403)245-2611 or amy@amybondar.com

Yours in health and vitality,


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