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The Time of Transition & Getting Back on Path

The end of summer is the time of transition in nature and of adjustment in our lives. As the weather and season dictate, it is time to refocus and get back on path with our nutrition!

The end of summer is the time of transition in nature and of adjustment in our lives. It is a challenging transition as we often feel summer has flown by and we are not quite ready to get back into the busyness of Fall. We still have 3-4weeks before the season officially changes but the cooler air, summer holidays ending and kids gearing up to go back to school catapults us into change .It is important to be present with the time we have left in this season and at the same time embrace the changes that are inevitably coming.

This last month of summer is considered the building time and marks the shift from the outward expression of spring and summer to the inward focus of autumn. There is a desire to earth, to feel more grounded and focused.

Late summer is the beginning of harvest time. Fruits are falling ripe to the ground and vegetable are luscious, full and bursting in our gardens. We stock upon berries to freeze for the fall and winter, and many love to pickle, jar and store food for the seasons to come. The Farmer's Markets are plentiful with delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables and shopping is such a joy as we embrace the bounty of our local farmers and growers.

As the weather is cooling and there is that late summer chill in the air, we may feel a pull to eat more building foods – more protein rich foods, a little more essential fats (such as nuts and nut butters) than during spring and summer and warming fuel from whole grains (oatmeal), steamed vegetables and more cooked food like soups and curries.

This may also be the time where you are craving a new workout routine focusing on building and toning with more weights and yoga. Your thoughts and ideas centered towards projects, writing and programs may also be ready to manifest at work.

Summer is often about play, spontaneity, gathering, parties, BBQ, drinks on the patio and we find ourselves eating more sugar, ice cream and drinking more alcohol. But at the end of summer we must clean that up as too much sugar and alcohol will weaken your immunity which is essential to build right now. The cold and flu season is upon us and our diet is our first line of defense. If we stay too long in our light, cooling, higher carbohydrate summer diet and don't begin this building phase, we can be more prone to getting sick and imbalanced.

This is the time of year to to get back on path with our nutrition, which is why I have created and am very excited to announce my new 30 Day Fall program: Getting Back on Path, beginning September 13th. This program is designed to help you get focused and re-inspired in the kitchen, clean up your diet, align with the wisdom of Fall eating to optimize your health and provide with you renewed energy, strength and stamina for the Fall season to come. Sometimes we need a little guidance and encouragement to get us back on path and I am here to support, inspire, educate and guide you! I hope you will join me for the newest edition to my seasonal eating 30 day programs. Details and register here.

Following the wisdom of the seasons is the greatest nutritional practice you can cultivate and one of the most effective ways to maintain health all year long.

“Your diet affects all aspects of your life – your work, productivity, personality, your sleep and dreams, how you feel from day to day, your health or illness, and where you live in your mind and on the Earth.” – Elson Haas – Staying Healthy with the Seasons

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