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What are you Truly Hungry For?

A deeper meaning behind your hunger pangs

This is such a powerful question!

My mentor and teacher Marc David posted this question on the Institute for the Psychology of Eating Facebook page and it really struck me. I have been asking myself this question ever since and I am always shocked at my answers! And no, the answers have never been food!

The first time I asked myself the question, what quickly popped out of nowhere (but of course somewhere – my soul!) was “answers.” Interesting! I asked again another time, the answer was “truth”, “rest”, “fun”, “a break”, “money” and “time to get my work done.”

This question has been so significant for me that it inspired this writing and I even used it today in a session with a client who came to see me because he was having hunger pains late at night and wanted to explore why. We explored his diet, I looked up the emotional reasons for his peanut butter and peanut butter ice cream cravings and then I asked him to close his eyes, take a deep breath and ask the question, “What am I truly hungry for?” His answer was, “my wife.”  That was so incredibly powerful. He was missing the fun and excitement and connection with his wife and as a result he was craving and eating peanut butter which we do when are feeling tension and a need for fun and excitement. 

When we do not feed our soul’s calling, our TRUTH, we use food to fill that void and in my client’s case to give him the fun, pleasure and excitement he was missing in his life. What if we give ourselves a moment to stop, center, breathe and ask the question? What if we took a moment and gave ourselves permission to answer and explore the answer? What if we listened to these answers and sought them out? I think it could prevent us from unconsciously eating or emotionally eating or grabbing for a food that we think we are hungry for but really underneath that food is a deeper more significant hunger pang and calling.

How many times have you opened up the refrigerator or pantry thinking you are hungry but can’t find anything to eat? These are perfect moments to stop, close the door, take a deep breath and ask yourself “what am I truly hungry for?” Guaranteed it won’t be food that pops into your conscious mind! It will be your truth speaking to you through your soul. That is what you must go after and devour!

As you begin 2020, what are you truly hungry for? Whatever it is go and get it! Carry this question with you throughout the year and answer the call deep from within. Our unanswered hunger pangs can often result in unconscious and unwanted eating behaviors but if we go after what we are truly hungry for we will only eat for the energy to manifest what we want. That is nutritional consciousness!

What am I hungry for in 2020? YOU!! I want to see you and have new clients as well. I am hungry to share what I know with those who are ready to do the work. January marks 17 years of being in practice and I am dedicating this year to going back to the roots and wisdom of what I know, what I have come to learn and cultivate into my services, to share all of the programs I have created and most importantly, continue to work toward being significant in your life and in the field of Nutrition.

Please continue your journey with me in one-one sessions, continue to read my articles, come to workshops and lectures and share my work and offerings with those who you feel could benefit. I would be truly satisfied and deeply fulfilled if you did.

I would love to hear what you are hungry for – send me an email and share!

Have a wonderful start to this new year and please scroll down to see all of the upcoming programs and events in 2020.

Yours in health & vitality,


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