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What would you Love to Eat?

What we think we should eat vs what we would love to eat are two very different approaches to nourishment. In this article learn how to awaken your body wisdom to help you make your best nutritional choices.

Today my body was letting me know it was ready to eat - my belly was feeling empty, my blood sugars were starting to drop and I was feeling like I needed some grounding, but, I wasn’t sure what I really felt like. I was going through my mental rolodex of options. Was it my superfood smoothie, a bowl of oatmeal with hemp seeds and blueberries, eggs and greens from my garden or yogurt with hemp seeds and blueberries? Each food option had its own list of benefits and also some beliefs about what was good or “bad” about each choice. But instead of mentally and intellectualizing what I should eat, I stopped myself and simply asked my body what it wanted. That is a big difference! (My body chose the yogurt by the way!).

So often we are told what to eat but have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “what would I love to eat?” We block our body wisdom when we rely on food lists, menu plans, diets and the latest food fad. We block our body’s intelligence of what it knows would be most balancing for it in that moment, when we depend on our mental belief systems and sole reliance on book and other food knowledge and messages. Oftentimes what we would love to eat isn’t in alignment with what we think we should eat and that can create inner conflict. We also place our trust in others opinions vs our body’s intuition.

Of course it is important to have guidance about what to eat(I wouldn’t be in practice if people didn’t need and want that!). But once you have your food foundations are in place I believe in order to raise your nutritional consciousness, awaken your body wisdom and strengthen your relationship with food, “what should I eat?” can overtime be replaced with, “what would l choose to eat, like to eat and love to eat in this moment?” This is especially helpful when you find yourself standing in front of your fridge or looking at a menu feeling lost about what to choose.

I have always said, “nutrition is both a science and a consciousness.Scientifically, it is about understanding how foods act and react to create health in the human body. Consciously, it is being awakened to the essence that fuels our body, mind and soul to fulfill our life purpose. The marriage of scientific research and conscious nourishment is the foundation to actualizing wellness. This is the nutrition paradigm we must embrace.”

In moving forward I encourage you to share space with your nutritional knowledge and practice getting in alignment with your body, trusting it’s wisdom and asking it for its guidance when it comes to what you would like to eat.

This is how you begin to raise your nutritional consciousness.

1. Close your eyes

2. Find silence

3. Take a few deep nasal breathes to get centered

4. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly to get in tune with your body

5. Ask yourself,” in this moment what would l love to eat?”

Listen to the message and eat that food or meal with joy!

Yours in health & vitality,


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