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Your Sacred Gifts

If you are not living according to your values, and are not doing what you love and are not awakening your sacred gifts then your relationship with food, body and self will forever be a struggle

This past weekend I was in a workshop called, Discovering your Sacred Gifts by Monique MacDonald. I began linking our sacred gifts to our relationship with food and our health and this piece of writing came to life.

Monique explains that your sacred gifts are the essence of who you are – your being-ness. They live within you and they are what you share with others in a meaningful and impacting way. Monique shared that these gifts can be dormant and active at times and it was this statement that made me start linking her insights into my body of work and what I am inspired to teach.

What happens if your sacred gifts are dormant? If we are not using our gifts that could certainly contribute to fatigue, lethargy, unwanted eating behaviors, depression and feeling unfulfilled. Our untapped gifts that stay unexpressed can also be a reason for weight that stays stagnant and unmoving. For years I have been saying and writing that if we are not fulfilled that will lead to fatigue, unwanted eating behaviors, excess weight and poor health. Activating and using our sacred gifts is a way to ensure we bring meaning to our lives and a way to awaken our metabolism and our light.  We are here on this planet to share our light and our gifts. The world is a little dimmer when our gifts are dormant.

Do you do things in your life that are not your sacred gifts? Do they take up time, energy and leave you feeling frustrated, aggravated and stressed? I have 2 examples of things in my life that I have been doing for a long time that are causing exactly that!

  1. I love doTerra and I believe in the power of the oils and I love using them  in all sorts of ways, sharing them with my friends, family. in classes and mostly I love using them in the treatments I offer. I have a Sacred Gift  of Healing and when I do Symphony of the Cells and Aromatouch I feel that gift is activated and it brings such joy and fulfillment to me and incredible benefits to those receiving the treatments. What I don’t love about doTerra and that is in alignment with my authenticity and is not a sacred gift is building the business. I am not interested in sales and marketing and having a team of people under me to train and lead. Every time I feel pulled to do this part of doTerra, I am aggravated and irritated and frustrated and it creates stress. So that is the part I am choosing to let go of because it is not my sacred gift and it is not the vehicle in which I choose to share the amazingness of the essential oils.


  1. I  am part of a Board of Directors for a summer camp that I love and that has so much meaning in my life. Fundraising is not one of my sacred gifts and guess what I am doing! And although the camp has so much meaning to me it doesn't mean being on a board is the right vehicle for me. It is not where my sacred gifts shine or perhaps I have not yet found how they can shine! This could be why after each meeting I am left feeling aggravated, frustrated and stressed!

Now that I have declared these truths to you my loyal readers, I have to let them go and that feels freeing! Do you know what I mean? Do you have examples of that in your life? When you are doing what you don’t love or that you don’t feel are in alignment with your sacred gifts? What emotions do you feel,  what symptoms do you experience and do you turn to food in those moments? It is amazing that our body always knows when we are not living our truth!

The key is to align your life with your sacred gifts. Doing what you choose to do, like to do and love to do, doing the things that bring you joy and fulfillment is where your sacred gifts are revealed. Doing what is meaningful and that benefits you and others. This is what elevates our health and ultimately keeps our eating on the right path.

Feeding your Purpose and living in alignment with your values is essential to your health and vitality. It is within those values that you find your sacred gifts. If you are not living according to your values, and are not doing what you love and are not awakening your sacred gifts then your relationship with food, body and self will forever be a struggle. If you want to transform that and make an extraordinary shift in your life then book a Soulful Nourishment session with me and I will be happy to help you awaken your sacred gifts.

Yours in health & vitality,


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