• Do you need a weekend to slow down and reconnect with yourself?

  • Do you take care of your body the way you want to?

  • Are you giving your body and yourself the nourishment it needs?

  • Is your body, life and who you are as a woman changing?

  • Do you move your body in a way that feels nurturing?

  • Is your relationship with yourself, your body and food where you would like it to be?

  • Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Are you confused and conflicted about what and how to eat?

  • Do you have unwanted eating behaviors that are sabotaging your nutritional intentions?

  • Would you like to understand the deeper meaning behind the weight you hold and how to let go of it without restricting calories and exercising more?

  • Do you have the energy and vitality that is required to do what you love to do?

  • Are you living your life the way you would love to?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then this Weekend of Nourishment is exactly what you need.

Join Amy Bondar, Nutritional Therapist and Certified Eating Psychology Coach for an inspiring and transforming weekend guaranteed to leave you feeling nourished and that will give you the tools to change your life, energy, health and well-being. 

The Weekend of Nourishment is so much more than the what to and what not to eat. This is about guiding you to think of food in a sacred way, to honor your body and nourish your soul. This workshop is for women who are ready to bring joy, celebration, peace and ease to their relationship with food, body and self in an intimate setting of Sisterhood.  

“Thank you for the privilege of being part of your  sensational 2 days of nourishment – it is a magnificent healing journey that has allowed me to reframe my relationship with food from a scarcity mentality to loving kindness and nourishment” - Lynne M.

A Weekend of Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul with Amy Bondar
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Thank you for such a beautiful weekend! I loved the entire weekend and I’ve never heard anyone express nutrition with such love, kindness and gentleness. You were actually able to get me to see nutrition in such a new and beautiful framework. What a treasure!
— K. Ramirez
To say this weekend was beautiful and powerful would be an understatement. I feel inspired to change my relationship with food and my body. I feel that I better understand the relationship between mind-body and soul. And I feel immensely grateful to have spent this time with amazing, inspiring, women. Amy, you are an absolute gift. The world is so much brighter with you in it.
— A. Bean
Each session was thought provoking. Each discussion was valuable. I loved the honest authentic sharing between the seminar participants. Sharing the human condition is in itself nourishing. Thank you Amy!
— Carol M

Topics We Will Explore Together

  • Raising your Level of Vibration with the Power of Food

  • Knowing and Living in Alignment with your values

  • The Soul of Nourishment

  • Decoding Food Cravings

  • How You Do Life is How You do food!

  • Embodiment

  • Embracing the Feminine

  • Creating your Ideal Relationship with Food and Body

  • Exploring Unwanted Eating Behaviors and Emotional Eating

  • Body Image and Embracing the Body you Have

  • Honoring your Unique Dosha: An Ayurvedic approach to Nourishment

  • The Message your Weight Holds

  • Finding and Feeding your Purpose


You will Also Experience and Enjoy

Nourishing and delicious lunches and snacks created with love by Amy and her husband, Joe


Inspiring Guest Speakers and Instructors:

  • Kundalini Yoga with Dr. Lynne Murfin: Experience Kriya - a heart and throat opening practice that will bring greater love and manifestation into your life.

  • Breath, Stretch & Meditation with Danielle Moskal, Writer and Meditation Instructor

Dr. Lynne Murfin

Dr. Lynne Murfin

danielle moskal

danielle moskal

A Weekend of Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul with Amy Bondar

Over 16 sessions full of nourishing wisdom taught by Amy Bondar

Delicious lunch and snacks included both days

Beautiful candlelight embodiment and stretch class by Danielle Moskal

An Embodied Experience of Kundalini Yoga with Dr. Lynne Murfin

A comfortable and relaxed space

Free Parking

2 extraordinary days that will forever change your relationship with food, body and self

"The best workshop I have ever been to!" - Shannon

"Amy, you truly have a very special gift and I am so happy that you do what you do - you truly change lives!!!” – Dori

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Is $$ Preventing you from Coming?  Here are 2 Solutions:

1. Use your Insurance Benefits or Health Spending Account. Amy Bondar's Nutritional Counselling services are covered by Manulife, Greenshield, iA Financial Group and Blue Cross Alberta as long as your employer indicates Nutritional Counselling within your policy. Amy will provide you with a proper receipt.

2. Pay in 2 Installments. Contact Amy (40)245-2611 to discuss.

Date, Time and Location

Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th, 2020

9am-6pm each day

This weekend is being held in The Sanctuary and Teaching Kitchen at Dr. Lynne Murfin’s beautiful new clinic

#280, 7015 Macleod Trail SW
Centre 70

Free Parking


You and this weekend, surpassed all my expectations
— Debra G
This weekend taught, inspired and gifted me with so many tools and insights that I can use to improve my eating habits and so much more. Amy is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and overall AMAZING! So much value!
— Vicki F.
Amy’s beautiful spirit served as an amazing guide through a truly transformative weekend. I will take so many learnings and actions in to my life. I truly felt nourished and experienced complete sisterhood this weekend. Amazing and inspiring guests
— Lori B.

Amy Bondar brings over 16 years of wisdom and knowledge to this weekend and she will inspire, educate and guide you to think of food in a sacred way, to explore your relationship with food, embrace your body and feed your soul. 


It is time to transform your relationship with food, body and self. 

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