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Wild Smoked Salmon Nori Wraps

Nori wraps are so versatile and you can experiment with a variety of different vegetables, proteins, essential fats and dips. Enjoy this simple and tasty recipe and get your nori on!.

Nori is seaweed which is rich in iodine - a key mineral to support the production of thyroid hormones. If you are wanting to shake-up your metabolism, ensuring your thyroid is functioning optimally is important andadding nori and other seaweeds to your diet is a great way to help that.

You can purchase sheets of nori at any grocery store and health food store. Look for organic if possible and Canadian (vs China) brands if possible. All you do is simply dab a little water on each sheet, add in what you want, roll them up and enjoy! Super simple, super healthy!

Nori wraps are so versatile:

·  You can add a variety of different vegetables(shredded carrot, shredded cabbage, sprouts, pea shoots, cilantro, parsley,thin strips of peppers, cucumbers, jicama, etc)

·   Proteins can vary from diced hard-boiled egg,tuna, wild natural smoked salmon, thin strips of chicken, a layer of hummus,non-GMO Edamame for Vegans)

·   Adding some slices of avocado helps to make these nourishing rolls filling and satiating.

·   Experiment with different varieties of veggies,proteins, healthy fats and dips (hummus, olive tapenade, babaganouj, red pepper hummus, etc).

The possibilities are endless!

Wild smoked Salmon Nori wraps

·        Smoked wild salmon

·        Cucumber, cut into strips

·        Purple cabbage, shredded

·        Carrots, grated

·        ½ avocado, sliced

·        1 Tbsp hummus

Place 3 sheets of nori on cutting board. Gently dab the sheets with water. Spread a

layer of hummus on each sheet and add the remaining ingredients. Roll them and enjoy them!

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