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The Power of Change

The wisdom of Fall and the importance of change

Autumn has set in, the colors are gloriously changing, and the trees are letting go of and releasing their leaves. As we welcome a new season it is important to honor the wisdom that it brings and follow nature’s lead. What is it in your life that you need to change, release and let go of?

Have you ever been a part of something, had a job, a volunteer position or a relationship that you know is not serving you. Do you hear the little voice, your inner voice whispering to you over and over again to let that go and move on? How often do you ignore it? That little voice is your soul speaking to you, your intuition guiding you. When we ignore that voice enough times we can manifest physical disharmony, symptoms and illness as a way to wake us up, to get us on path and to live in authenticity.

It takes courage to let go of what we know no longer serves us, but when we take the leap, trust in ourselves and the universe, it is amazing what happens to the physical body. A feeling of liberation and freedom take over, deep exhales of relaxation flow through, your light shines brighter, cellular and soul vibration elevate and simultaneously tensions, frustrations, aggravations and gravitations fade, symptoms improve, emotional eating calms down, harmony is felt and from this place healing can begin.

We often fear our symptoms, fight them, attack them with medications and resent our body or blame others for being unwell. But what if we saw the gift within our symptoms? What if we leaned in to what our body was trying to tell us, to finally listen to the messages and the inner calling of our soul? What If the imbalances in our body were a symbol of the imbalances in our life? What if they were here to help us get back to our center?

My colleague Christina Marlett, Founder and Creator of Courageous Self-Care, and an inspiring guest at my upcoming Weekend of Nourishment says, “Courageous self-care is far more than bubble baths, chocolate and wine!” She is right, courageous self-care can mean letting go of that which no longer serves, so you can go where your light can shine. As the trees are releasing and letting of what they no longer need, what is that you can let go of this Fall that will allow you to make space for what you know your soul is asking for.
Embrace the season, embrace the power of change.

“The trick to life is to have the courage to walk down the path that’s lit up in your heart. -Atticus


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